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PhoneSpector Review


It’s a general misconception that spy software is harmful. Yes, spy tools are designed to monitor the activities of the user and capture the engagements on the target device. These features, however, are specifically set for safety and security purposes. PhoneSpector, for instance, is programmed to help parents and employers with their phone tracking needs. Here’s a thorough PhoneSpector review to help better understand how spyware works and how it can be beneficial.


What Is PhoneSpector?

Tracking Features via PhoneSpector AppBefore we add to the many positive and accurate PhoneSpector reviews already available online, let’s first understand what PhoneSpector is and how it works.

PhoneSpector is a monitoring software that was specifically developed to be the most advanced and user-friendly data extraction software on the market. Its manufacturers have created this program with data security and user safety in mind. To ensure they get to maintain their well-loved services and widely-patronized features, PhoneSpector continuously and tirelessly enhances their software, including the app’s algorithms, command prompts, general user interface (GUI), and dashboard.

This spy software works well on iPhones and Android devices. It works stealthily and remotely in the background without being easily detected. All-inclusive services enable users to remotely extract and monitor activities on the target phone in real-time. After installation and set-up are complete, PhoneSpector automatically gathers data and simultaneously uploads it to the user’s private online account. Then by just logging in, they get to remotely see texts, calls, GPS location, Facebook messages, photos, videos, and more.

PhoneSpector is specifically created for legitimate or lawful purposes only. To avoid any legal violation or ramification, be sure to only install PhoneSpector if:

    • You’re a parent or guardian of a minor.
    • You’re an employer with consent from your employees.
    • You’re a legal authority or a law enforcement agent.


Our Opinion of the PhoneSpector App

Like most PhoneSpector reviews online, our digital experts here at have personally tried and tested the software to ensure we only provide on-point and unbiased descriptions. We’ve reached out to the PhoneSpector manufacturers, and they were generous enough to give us a test app to play with. We’ve had the chance to do extensive testing on the following devices:


    • Samsung Galaxy S20 (OS10)
    • Samsung Galaxy S9 (OS9)
    • Samsung Galaxy S10 (OS9)
    • Google Pixel (OS9)


    • iPhone 13 (iOS 15)
    • iPhone 12 (iOS 14)
    • iPhone 11 (iOS 13)
    • iPhone X (iOS 12.2)
    • iPhone XR (iOS 12.1)
    • iPhone 8 (iOS 11)

Overall, PhoneSpector has met the high standards it guarantees to users. It’s honestly one of the best software we’re ever encountered. The setup process was minimal and went smoothly – from downloading to activation to installation. The whole process took us only a few clicks and a few seconds – it was, indeed, a hassle-free experience.

After successfully installing PhoneSpector, we then started observing the target phones. If we didn’t personally download the app, we honestly wouldn’t notice that it’s running in the background. This is because there were no signs or visible indicators – it didn’t drain the battery, trigger latency, or crash the device.

We also browsed through the dashboard to see how the data uploads. Aside from everything shown on the cloud-based account simultaneously as it occurs, the data is well-organized and the reports are comprehensible. We even challenged the app’s ability to capture activities on third-party apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. The recording and transferring of conversations, posts, and comments was flawless. We even tried immediately deleting sent SMS texts and deleting phone call logs, but PhoneSpector still managed to capture all information.

Utilizing PhoneSpector was indeed an amazing experience. Never have we imagined that such software with cutting-edge technology exists and can be availed of at a very affordable price. To sum it up, here are the results we’ve witnessed first-hand.


    • 45-second installation process.
    • Simultaneous data uploads.
    • Reliable data recording strength.
    • Accurate capturing functionalities even on third-party apps.
    • Compatible with all Androids and iPhones.
    • One-time payment.
    • Free lifetime upgrades.
    • 30-day money-back guarantee.
    • Live and knowledgeable tech specialists.


    • Viber messages on iPhones can’t be recovered
    • Messaging and social media apps monitoring are only available on their Pro package.
    • Rooting/jailbreaking is required to unlock certain features like reading conversations on private messaging apps.
    • They do not offer any free trials or packages.

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PhoneSpector’s New Features

The PhoneSpector app is constantly being enhanced to ensure it remains to be one of the best spy tools available on the market. Below are the newest additions to its latest version, PhoneSpector Version 7.

  • Installation Process – The overall installation process has been made faster and easier. PhoneSpector has managed to catch up with the rapid releases and updates of new phone models.
  • Keylogger – This new feature captures all executed keystrokes and the windows or pages they’re typed in. PhoneSpector records the keys typed whether it be for text messages, social media posts, or login credentials.
  • Enhanced GPS Tracking – Though PhoneSpector’s GPS tracking system has always been good as per other reviews we’ve read, they somehow managed to make it even better. The app has become more accurate and uploads have become more frequent.
  • Instagram and Facebook – Unlike PhoneSpector’s previous versions wherein only snippets of Instagram and Facebook chat conversations are shown, the latest update enables users to view entire conversations – sent, received, and even deleted.
  • Snapchat – Snapchat monitoring is also a new feature included on PhoneSpector’s latest version. It keeps records of self-destructing snaps.

How To Spy On An iPhone with PhoneSpector

Login then download then view – iPhone spying is that fast and simple! Moreover, you won’t be needing special technical skills to start monitoring an iOS phone. Provided that you have access to a stable internet connection and an internet-enabled device, you can begin spying anytime.

PhoneSpector offers remote access – from installation to navigation. Even the iPhone’s latest security features like Face ID and USB restricted mode won’t hinder you from being able to set up without having physical access to the target device.

In just 3 quick and easy steps, start utilizing the features of PhoneSpector for iPhone.

    • Step 1: Enter the Apple ID and password of the iPhone you wish to monitor.
    • Step 2: Click on Access Information located in your PhoneSpector dashboard.
    • Step 3: Log into your online account using the credentials provided in the confirmation email to view or download the acquired data.

What You Will Retrieve From An iPhone

Spy tracking on iPhone smartphone

PhoneSpector offers two packages – Basic and Pro. Regardless of the package, you’ll have access to comprehensive reports, 24/7 support, and unlimited device change. If you select PhoneSpector Pro for iPhone, however, you’ll have access to all available iPhone features.

  • Calls – Incoming and outgoing calls are recorded, including phone numbers, contact names (if saved), time stamps, and duration of calls. These are included in comprehensive reports.
  • iMessages – The exact copies of sent and received iMessages are captured and shown on the user dashboard. See who the message is sent from or sent to, along with the date and time.
  • Social Media and Messaging Apps – Engagements and interactions within social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and WhatsApp can be monitored. Chat conversations (even deleted ones) are captured. Users can also see profile information and contact lists.
  • Contact & Calendar – Get access to the iPhone’s address book, including names and contact details. You’ll also get access to calendar activities.
  • Internet Activity – Internet activities like browsing history, website bookmarks, and Wi-Fi networks. View keyword searches, URLs of sites visited, frequency and duration of browsing saved pages, and more.
  • Applications – With PhoneSpector, monitor cell phone activities and engagements, and interactions on installed and running third-party mobile applications.
  • Remote Control – Regardless of the package, users are given access to a cloud-based control panel where they can access, monitor, and control the target device.
  • Keylogger – One of the newest additions to PhoneSpector is the keylogger wherein all keystrokes are captured. Whether typed in chat conversations, online pages, or login pages, all keys are recorded and captured.

PhoneSpector iPhone and iPad Compatibility

There may be no PhoneSpector free download, but whatever amount you pay will surely be worth it. Aside from the inclusive services, packages come with free lifetime upgrades and unlimited devices. It’s also compatible with any iOS device, providing great value for your money.

PhoneSpector is designed to work with all iOS devices.

    • iPhone 5 and above (all models)
    • iPad (all models)
    • iOS 7 and above (all versions)


Moreover, PhoneSpector iPhone offers Jailbreak and No-Jailbreak versions.

  • Jailbreak Version – The jailbreak version requires physical access to the target device during the installation process. This version is compatible with all versions of iPad and iPhones 5 to 12. It works with these Apple devices that run on iOS 7 to 15.
  • No-Jailbreak Version – The no-jailbreak version allows remote installations through the utilization of Apple ID and password only. This version is compatible with iPhones 5, 6, 7, 8, X, 11, 12, and 13, and iPad, and all iOS versions including iOS 15.

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How To Spy On An Android Phone with PhoneSpector

Spy tracking on Android smartphone

Similar to PhoneSpector iPhone, monitoring and spying on Android devices can be achieved in just three quick and easy steps.

    • Step 1. Remotely install the app using the over-the-air (OTA) link. There’s also an option for manual installation by typing in the provided URL on the target phone’s web browser bar.
    • Step 2. Check your inbox for the separate license key which you’ll need to fully activate the software.
    • Step 3. Sign in to your PhoneSpector dashboard from any internet-enabled device to view the acquired information anytime, anywhere, anytime.

The overall process only takes up to 45 seconds to complete. As soon as everything’s set up, no further user input is required. Everything will then start working automatically – from data acquisition to data upload. The details you need can be accessed from your online account which can be accessed using the login credentials included in the confirmation email.

What You Will Retrieve From An Android Phone

Like what most Android spy app reviews state, PhoneSpector for Android can access valuable information. From the easy-to-use PhoneSpector dashboard, you can quickly navigate and browse through the collated data from the phone and installed phone applications.

  • SMS Text Messages – Exact copies of sent and received text messages, including those that have been deleted. Each copy contains the name and number of the recipient/sender and timestamps.
  • Phone Calls – Records of incoming and outgoing call logs, including the phone numbers, date, time, and duration of the calls.
  • Contacts – Retrieves complete lists of saved contacts on the target device.
  • GPS Locations – The GPS location coordinates within a few feet of the actual location are shown on a Google Map and are updated every 10 minutes.
  • Calendar Events – Previous and current events are saved on the phone’s calendar.
  • Emails – Sent and received messages, regardless of the email provider utilized.
  • Social Media Access – Chat conversations, shared posts, saved multimedia files on various social networking sites and third-party messaging apps like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, and the like.
  • Keylogger – All keystrokes executed are captured regardless of the page or window they’re typed in.
  • Multimedia Files – New, old, or deleted photos, videos, audio files, and other multimedia files.
  • Browser History – A list of website searches and visits, including the actual URLs and the time/frequency of visits.

Android Phone Compatibility

If you’ve read other cell phone monitoring reviews describing that PhoneSpector is compatible with almost all Android devices, that’s precisely true. PhoneSpector for Android is indeed a one-app-fits-all software, making it efficient and practical.

    • Supported Android Devices:
      • Samsung (all models)
      • Motorola
      • Google
      • LG
      • HTC
      • Huawei
    • Supported OS
      • Android 3 – Android 11
    • Supported Carriers
      • Cell phone carriers from all countries are supported.

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PhoneSpector Packages, Features, and Inclusions

If you’re concerned about the cost of PhoneSpector, we guarantee you’ll surely get your money’s worth. After all, free doesn’t always mean best. The amazing product is available in two plans full-packed with beneficial features.

Basic Plan Features


    • Monitor call history.
    • SMS & MMS.
    • Photos and videos.
    • Current GPS location.
    • Incoming/outgoing emails.
    • Calendar activities, contacts, and notes.
    • Browsing history, keyword alerts, and website bookmarks.
    • Installed applications.
    • Additional device info and control panel.
    • Comprehensive reports.
    • Uninstall alert and unlimited device change.


    • Monitor call history
    • SMS & MMS
    • Calendar activities and contacts.
    • Browsing history and website bookmarks.
    • Installed applications
    • Control panel
    • Comprehensive reports
    • Unlimited device change

Pro Plan


    • Monitor call history and incoming calls restriction.
    • SMS & MMS
    • Messaging apps (like Messenger, Instagram Messages, Hangouts, Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, and the like.)
    • Photos and videos.
    • Current GPS location and geo-fencing.
    • Incoming/outgoing emails
    • Calendar activities, contacts, and notes.
    • Blocking Websites, browsing history, keyword alerts, website bookmarks, and Wi-Fi networks.
    • Application blocking, installed applications, and keylogger.
    • Additional device info and control panel.
    • Comprehensive reports
    • Uninstall alert and unlimited device change.


    • Monitor call history
    • SMS & MMS
    • WhatsApp
    • Calendar activities and contacts.
    • Blocking history, website bookmarks, and Wi-Fi networks.
    • Installed applications
    • Control panel
    • Comprehensive reports
    • Unlimited device change

Regardless of which plan you avail of, you’ll have 24/7 access to the PhoneSpector support team which comprises live specialists and experts all-prepped to answer your questions and address your concerns. You can contact them via email or through their 800 number.

Why PhoneSpector In 2022?

Freedom, peace of mind, and assurance – these are only a few of the many benefits you could reap when opting to utilize PhoneSpector over other similar apps available in the market.

Aside from safety and security, this software could be handy when you have files, photos, videos, or any data that is lost or inaccessible. The app itself is efficient and reliable. We’re amazed by the features offered, especially the technologies they’re utilizing to ensure only high-quality services are provided. On top of these, we love PhoneSpector’s customer service – it’s one of a kind. Visit their website,, to learn more.