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PhoneSpector Review

THE GOOD –  Undetectable. No possession needed. No access needed. Works on all Androids and iPhones.

THE BAD – Can’t recover Viber messages on iPhones

THE BOTTOM LINE – You’ll get the data you need and best of all you won’t waste time or money!

How To Spy on a Cell Phone!

So, you need to spy on a cell phone but can’t get your hands on it, right? More than likely, you suspect that your spouse, or significant other is cheating or you may have a child who is getting in with the wrong crowd. Either way, you need an app that you can use without having the phone you want to spy on in your possession. Introducing PhoneSpector!

PhoneSpector’s advanced technology allows you to text the download link to any phone and install the app automatically. The entire process takes only about 45 seconds! Text messages, calls and all other data will begin to upload to  your online account almost immediately. All you have to do is login from any internet enabled device to view everything that is happening! It’s that quick and easy!


What Is PhoneSpector?

PhoneSpector Review

PhoneSpector is an Android and iPhone spy app that will automatically and remotely gather information from any cell phone and secretly send it to your secure and private online Phonespector account. All you have to do is login to your account from any internet enabled device and you will be able to see texts, calls, GPS location, Facebook messages, photos, videos and a lot more!

Designed for both iPhones and Android devices, the Phonespector cell phone spy app let’s you access virtually all information from any cell phone.


PhoneSpector works on all iPhone’s:

  • Supported Apple devices: iPhone X, iPhone 8, 8 Plus, 7, 7 plus, 6, 6 plus, 5, 5 plus, 5s, and 5c
  • Supported iOS:  All iOS are supported
  • Supported carriers: All cell phone carriers are supported on all countries.


How it works on iPhones

Setup is fast and simple. All you need is the Apple ID and password of the iPhone or iPad you wish to monitor. WAIT! What if you don’t have it or know it? No problem…Phonespector has a solution to get it with every purchase of an iPhone spy app.


iphone spy app



PhoneSpector Works on all Androids:

  • Supported Android devices: Samsung, Motorola, Google, LG, HTC, Sony and all others.
  • Supported OS: All Android operating systems are supported
  • Supported carriers: All cell phone carriers are supported on all countries.


How it works on Android phones

A simple three step process that takes no more than 45 seconds to complete:

  1. Download the app to your phone
  2. Tap the ACTIVATE button
  3. Login to your secure online account to view information remotely uploaded from the phone


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Here’s What You Can Track With PhoneSpector

SMS Text Messages and iMessages:  

You can retrieve any text you’ve sent or received from your phone, even if they’ve been deleted. You won’t have to worry about losing any of the conversations you’ve had with your friends or family.

Facebook Messages: 

A full and exact copy of every message and post. Images from all posts are included also.


Never lose your contact list again! Switching to a new phone can be a hassle. That’s why it’s much easier when you let this app access your old phone’s contact list.


Not only can you see old, new, and deleted photos, but you can easily copy them to other devices, too. That’s because you can access the app’s personal dashboard on a cell phone, tablet, or computer.


Videos can take up a lot of space on your phone. By backing them up, you’ll have room for more photos, apps, and other files.

GPS Location: 

Track GPS accurately to within 50ft of the phones actual location. GPS data is uploaded every 10 minutes.


Most people keep their favorite songs on their phone so they can take them everywhere they go. Now, you can download them on your computer in just a few minutes with the app’s dashboard.


You’ll be able to see your entire history of both inbound and outgoing phone calls, as well as the time, date, and duration of each one. With recordings (where available).

And more!


Why Choose PhoneSpector?

I’ve been a loyal Android user for years now, but I recently ran into a huge problem. One that you may have run into too. A phone storage problem. However, my one “problem” turned into a major disaster when I tried to fix it … and I wish I’d done something else before I ruined everything.

Like most people, when my problems began, I turned to the Internet for help. And as luck would have it, there were plenty of tips to be found. I quickly read through a bunch of blog posts, comments, and FAQ pages and started tackling my storage problem head on. Immediately, I felt a surge of power as I began a digital deep dive into my phone’s settings. I feverishly began closing all of my open windows, stopping the multitude of apps that were running in the background, clearing my over-crowded cache, and moving and deleting media from my phone like I was having some kind of end-of-year blow out sale. And THAT’S when I messed up….


Here’s What Happens When You Rush A Digital Spring Cleaning

I don’t know how it happened—but it happened. In my wild rush to cleanse my phone of all the garbage that was bogging down my digital life, I accidentally deleted most of my photos! The ones of me and my son at his moving-up ceremony. Those last days with my nana before she passed on in the Fall. All of those New Year’s Eve selfies with friends that I promised I’d send but didn’t yet. Those and more. Videos as well!

Right away I began trying to backtrack my moves in a panicky bid to regain my lost data. But with each swipe, tap, and poke of my fingers, I went further and further down the rabbit hole until I was completely lost. Again, I turned to the world wide wonderful web and found that I was … well … f*cked.


The One Thing Everyone Should Do When They Get A New Cell Phone

Of course, all of the wizened webbers that work the Internet told me exactly why I was f*cked. They told me it was because I didn’t do the one thing I should’ve done from the beginning: back my phone up.

The truth is, I never ever backed my phone up. In fact, I never backed anything up (other than my car). I was always planning to … I just never got around to it.

My friends were shocked when I told them what happened. Not shocked by how I accidentally lost all of my pictures, but by the fact that I didn’t have a backup program. When I asked what they use, two of them told about the same program—a new one called PhoneSpector.

I can tell you firsthand that it’s completely devastating when you realize that you’ve lost memories you can never capture again. That’s why I no longer take chances with my phone. There are plenty of similar apps on the market today, but I think PhoneSpector is the best one. It’s simple to use, reasonably priced, and comes with amazing customer service. It has no monthly fees—the app only has a one-time cost of $69.99, and that’s it! All you have to do is spend less than a few minutes setting up the program. Then, you’ll have peace of mind that all of your information is safe.

To learn more, visit their website: https://phonespector.com/


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