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Plane Forced To Land Because Of A Husband’s Infidelity

Throughout history, there have been women who have found out their husband has been cheating on them. Any woman who finds out their husband is unfaithful deserves to be upset, but so much to stop a plane? Apparently so!

Recently, a married couple boarded a Qatar Airways Flight headed to Bali for a holiday trip. After a few drinks and while her husband was asleep, the woman decided to look at the contents of her husband’s phone. She opened it using her husband’s index finger and much to her surprise, she discovered her husband was cheating on her!

In a rage, the woman woke her husband up and started to hit him (not surprising). However, it escalated to the point that the flight attendants could not control the couple and the plane was forced to land in Chennai, India. Needless to say, the passengers were not very happy about this.

Here’s a clip describing what went down.


How The Incident Could Have Been Prevented


spy application
Using a spy application can help prevent untimely surprises.


A situation like the above is definitely unique and rare. However, there are plenty of ways it could have been prevented. First, the couple could have had better communication with one another. That way, any problems that led her husband to cheat could have possibly been resolved. As most people have heard, open communication is key to making any relationship last.

Also, if the wife had felt the need to check her husband’s cell phone, she could have chosen any other time and place to check it. An enclosed plane where you can’t go anywhere isn’t exactly an ideal location.

Lastly, there are plenty of secret ways to spy on a cell phone and catch a cheater. Using your husband’s index finger to unlock his phone isn’t the most secret way. There are a number of spy application options out there that are undetectable and will extract all phone data.

Any of these ways would have saved the passengers and flight crew from the hassle caused by the couple. 

Lesson Of This Story: If you suspect your partner is cheating, communicate with them, use a spy application, and don’t look at their phone on a plane!

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