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Pregnant Kim Kardashian Is Busting Out!

We all know that Kim Kardashian has a taste for tight tops, but when do we start to think—if we haven’t already—that her taste may not be very good? If you’ve been keeping “abreast” of everything Kardashian, then you know what I’m talking about.

If you ask me, Kim’s latest outing on Tuesday, September 15 in NYC took the cake—and the big glass of mother’s milk that should go with it. Wearing a sheer top that barely contained her breasts, a very pregnant Kim, who’s expecting a son in December, was spotted at a girl’s night out with sister Kourtney. The 34-year old wife of Kanye West, completed her ensemble by pairing the lace-up top with a blazer, tight velvet skirt, black tights and strappy (also tight in my opinion) Hermes sandals.

That’s right—tight! Tight. Tight. Tight.


It’s Motherhood or Bust!

Look, I’m well aware that she’s considered a fashionista by many and her choice of clothing is chic, but at some point this preggo is going to have to consider more appropriate attire like a comfy maternity top and some sensible shoes. After all, if the mother of 2-year old North West wants to make it to her due date with little Due West (although my bet is on naming him/her South West), she better get her party off and her sense on.

I know that this was a night out in New York City and that it’s just my opinion, but I’m not alone in my feelings toward Kim’s “style” choices.

Just look at what others are saying about her—both good and bad—on usmagazine.com:


She nearly busts out of everything she wears.

GohomeRamona to Mytwocents

It is crazy! If only she knew that if she wore clothes that actually fit, this wouldn’t happen.

TigerLilyStars to Mytwocents

Always, that’s why I was wondering why it would be an oohs ah, wow moment. Either she’s busting out of anything she wears all around or she just busts out without clothes.

Adi to Mytwocents

What’s so BAD about EMBRACING her body. If she is OK with it that’s all that matters. To me she looks STUNNING.

[Avatar] chillax to Adi

She’s not embracing her body, she’s stuffing it to the point where the clothes are busting at the seams.

Adi to chillax

It’s her body and she can do WHATEVER she wants to do. She looks completely ADORABLE and BEAUTIFUL. Just plain AWESOME.

GohomeRamona to Adi

Of course she can do whatever she wants, but she needs to stop lying and telling her young fans to embrace their beauty when she can’t.

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So there you have it!

What’s your oKimion on the reality star’s fashion choice? Should she continue with being her proud, bold self or should she dress with a little more reserve and sensibility?