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Prevent Child Abuse Before it Happens

As child cell phone ownership age decreases, the frequency of sexting, cyber-bullying and intimidation is on the rise. April is National Child Abuse Prevention month, so here’s an insight into the dangers our new technological world brings and how we can work together to prevent those numbers from increasing.

On the surface your hesitation to give your child their own cell phone might have financial implications, like dropping or losing the expensive device. But there are other dangers that come with introducing kids to new technology. With social media apps increasing in popularity you might wonder: “Who is my child friends with?” “Who are they sending that Snapchat to?” “Who’s liking my child’s picture on Instagram?” “What kind of person would want to follow a 12-year old they don’t know?” and many more inquiries this modern age brings.

The first step is making sure your child observes the privacy settings on all of their social media applications so they have control over who sees their content and who can become their friends. According to a beta news article, there are certain steps you can take to open the lines of communication between you and your child. The easiest and most effective step would be to conduct open conversations with your child about proper use of technology and the dangers abusing it can bring. About 71%of kids know someone who has been affected by cyber-bullying or sexting, so make sure to have an open dialogue about these subjects.

The bright side of all these changes is that the ability to monitor these devices has improved. A cell phone monitoring software that can allow you to be proactive about protecting your child is Easy Spy. This software allows you to be able to monitor text messages, call logs, social media activity, GPS location, browser history, photo and video log, emails to and from, and contacts. Everything sent to and from your child’s phone, even if it has been previously deleted, gets logged into a control panel, which makes it easy to observe exactly what your child is doing on their cell phone. The best part about this product is the ability the keep your cell phone tracking anonymous, by only needing the target phone for a couple of minutes for installation. After installation, all the tracking is done remotely through your device.

The world can be a scary place, with predators lurking around every corner, so take a proactive approach to parenting and use the Easy Spy cell phone monitoring software to ensure your child’s safety.


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