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Preventing Kidnapping by Identification and Using a Spy Cell Phone Software

Did you know that in the United States, every 40 seconds a child is being abducted? According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation or FBI an estimated 85% – 90% of these missing persons are children. That means around 750,000 people or 2000 people/day kids are being abducted everyday.

One way to help solve these cases is by knowing some basic things about kidnapping like identifying the different types of kidnappers like: “family kidnapping”, “acquaintance kidnapping”  and “stranger kidnapping”.

Family Kidnapping is done by a relative of the person. Most of the time, this type of kidnapping is 49% of the statistics.  Usually this is done by parents and 43% are women perpetrators. Kids who are 6 years younger are the victims of this type of kidnapping.  Most of these types of kidnapping happen at home.

On the other hand, acquaintance kidnapping represents 27% of the kidnapping incidents in America. Often times these involves juvenile perpetrators whose victims are    often female teenagers.  Most often the reason for this abduction is associated with sexual and physical assaults. Kidnapping happens in residences and the victims’ homes.  It also has the highest percentage when it comes to having injured victims.
The last type of kidnapping is the “stranger kidnapping”.  This type of abduction comprises 24% of the kidnapping cases in the country. More often victims of this type of abduction are women than men.  It often happens in outdoor places and its victims are teenagers and kids are victims of this crime. They are often abducted because of sexual assaults and robberies.  This type of abduction often involves using weapons and firearms.  When it comes to kids, abductors have first contact with their victim a           quarter-mile from the kids’ home.

This sounds scary but parents should act quickly regarding this serious issues as most of these victims are eventually murdered three hours after they are kidnapped.

Knowing they say is half the battle, so it would be great that you are able to be vigilant regarding this matter, at the same time find ways to prevent this crime from happening to your loved ones. A Spy Cell Phone Software is one way to help you track your kids and spouse wherever they are.  Using its valuable features like GPS logs, you would know your kids’ location. There are also great features in this software like you can listen to pre-recorded phone conversations, check the various websites, text, e-mails that your kids and spouses received in your phone without them knowing it.


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