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Top 5 Private Messaging Apps Kids Are Using Today


Kids who want to hide things from their parents know better than to use generic text messaging. They’re smart enough to realize how easy it is for their parents to see their texts using spy apps and other monitoring technology. So, kids are turning to private messaging apps to text with others. Below, are listed the most commonly used messenger applications children are using today.

5 Popular Private Messaging Apps


Messenger is a highly popular private messaging app created by Facebook. On it, you can do a number of things such as instant messaging, exchanging photos and videos, sharing your location, making phone calls and video chats, and sending emojis, GIFs, and stickers. All of this can conveniently be done at the touch of a child’s fingertips.

However, since this application is connected to Facebook, a person could easily target a user and hack their Facebook messages. Anyone could be trying to prey on a child, and their parents would not even know about it.


WhatsApp is another messaging app that is used by more than 1 billion people. The app has all of the same capabilities as Messenger but also allows you to voice record. It’s compatible with Mac/PC, iPhone, Android, Nokia, and Windows Phone.

When you read more about the app, it is actually part of Facebook. Meaning, it puts children at the same risks as when using Messenger. WhatsApp has had issues with their product security and exposing its users’ encrypted files.


Kik is a simpler messenger app that is user-friendly and has all of the essential features. Kids can send stickers, emojis, GIFs, and photos to their friends. When they aren’t chatting with those they know, Kik has interactive bots they can talk to and even play tic-tac-toe with!

Even though Kik claims to be safe, it has a feature which enables users to share their personal code with anyone. This unleashes a whole can of worms if this personal code is shared with and scanned by potentially dangerous Kik users.   


Telegram is accessible on pretty much all devices including Android smartphones, iPhones, iPads, Mac/PC, web browsers, and Windows phones. This app prides itself on being great for people of all ages from kids to business owners. They encourage their users to join groups and interact with others who have similar interests.

Participating in groups may help a child’s social skills, however, there are also some risks associated with it as well. While chatting in groups, you really don’t know who you’re talking with and sometimes, conversations can escalate. For a child, they may not know how to handle the situation properly and could make it worse.


Among these top private messaging apps, Viber has the most features available to users. People can make phone and video calls, create communities, and send texts, photos, videos, GIFs, and stickers. With their chat extensions feature, users can share music, videos, hotels, restaurants, events, and any links.

Viber is also considered one of the most secure messenger apps on the market. All messages are encrypted for privacy and contact identities must be verified.


So, those are the most popular private messaging apps used by kids today. Parents, make sure to be aware of the dangers associated with them and find out if your child is using one. If you discover they’re messaging with someone you don’t know, you can easily look up the person to see who they are. Nothing is more important than making sure they are safely messaging people they know.

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