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Protect and Respect Cell Phone Use

Everyone can make social media mistakes, from high-powered PR directors like Justine Sacco to anyone using a smartphone. And for teenagers, it’s far more likely to stumble down that scary path. A report from Webtrends shows that Snapchat is currently the #2 social media messenger app. And although the social media landscape is always changing, it’s important for parents to stay current, and knowing names of the social sites their kids’ are using is a start. Snapchat doesn’t come without some concerns: “Privacy, sexting and screenshot saving have posed some issues for this one, but it still remains one of the hottest apps that teens are increasingly using.”

Video and social shaming is an unfortunate part of today’s world. With the ease of sharing anything at any time, how can you be sure that your teenager isn’t participating in any destructive behavior that produces long-term harm, via inappropriate videos, calls or texts? And how can you prevent this behavior from starting for a tween sibling?

Cell phone monitoring technology allows you to apply filters or block certain websites you don’t want your child to visit. Auto Forward allows you to see the target phone’s web browsing history, and this important feature keeps you aware of what your child is viewing online. A robust reporting system allows you to view the text messages sent and received through the target phone. You can also see who your child is speaking to on the phone by viewing the call log. And this monitoring can be done on any cell phone without having access to it.

A changing world will always be a constant, but so will good parental protection. Teaching kids to protect and respect others not only strengthens the parent-child relationship, but also benefits humankind.


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