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Protect Your Son From Digital Danger


If you’re like me, you look at your teenage son differently than your teenage daughter. While she may be older, you seem to give him more leeway in life. You are less protective of him—because he’s a young man and he’s tough. Your daughter, however, needs over-protecting, because men are scum and boys are just future scum in the making. Any responsible parent should be monitoring the mobile devices of their children by learning how to track someones text messages for free.


Except your son, of course. He’s the exception. But what if you’re son isn’t the exception? What if, God forbid, he’s just like a lot of other boys out there? What do I mean? Hormones. Peer pressure. More hormones. And more peer pressure. These are the things that drive good boys to become not-always-good boys.


Hormones distract. They direct. They determine. They blind. They control. You’re once-excellent-student and all-around good boy has other things on his mind, and his focus is no longer on his studies thanks to hormones and the hold they have on his mind and genitals.


As for peer pressure, he wants to fit in. Be like the other boys. Some of those other boys are peeping in windows, stealing, vandalizing, smoking, and worse. They may be pressuring your son to do the same. And while you’ve had many talks with him over the past, this hormone and peer pressured person is no longer the same innocent lad who nodded at your lecture and said “don’t worry, Mom.” No, this kid is a walking, talking, throbbing erection—and you’ve allowed him to have the one tool that can exploit the many new weaknesses in his character: his smartphone. Have you wondered how do you track someones text messages?


Trust me when I say this, your son’s smartphone is a gateway into a world of pornographic problems that could ruin him for the rest of his life. Now, I’m not just talking about regular porn—and I’m not just talking solely about porn! The smartphone is a powerful computer that lets people do anything. Anything can be bad—and so can the people on the other end. The wisest thing you can do is to install a good cell phone spy app on your son’s device so that you can monitor what he’s seeing, who he is talking and texting with, and where he goes when he is not at home. Keep your child safe by tracking someones text messages for free.


Yes, I’m telling you to spy on your son. It sounds sick, but you should do it every now and then in order to make sure he’s not doing one of the many things below. With a smartphone, your peer-pressured, hormone-addled boy could:

  • Write something racist, sexist, or anti-semitic on someone’s social media page—getting him labeled as a racist, sexist, or anti-semitical dick for the rest of his life.
  • Coerce a girl into sending him a suggestive selfie or forward one he received to everyone he knows. That image could get out and then come back to haunt you when the girl’s parents find out and try to have your son arrested—or sue you.
  • Stumble upon sick or illegal—or both sick and illegal—pornographic videos. Would you want to know that your son is getting his rocks off to German scheisse films or obviously underage Russian cam girls?
  • Be preyed on by some fat and sweaty sexual predator who managed to dodge the Chris Hanson bullet, but has somehow found his way to your son.
  • Hook up with some dude who has cheap drugs for him to try and end up dead in a drug lord’s den.

There are plenty more ways for your son’s smartphone to get him into everlasting trouble. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Have the talk. Have ten talks! But also, install a top-notch mobile spy app on his phone. You won’t be sorry.

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