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Protecting Your Sons

While boys and young men aren’t traditionally thought of as victims of bullying or harassment, it can happen to them just as it can happen to young women. Boys and young men are uniquely vulnerable to many insidious forms of bullying and, like women, are often targeted by predators and unsavory people.

But unlike women, boys and young men often have a tendency to suffer in silence. Ashamed of being made to feel weak or helpless, boys and young men will hide instances of bullying and harassment from their parents and teachers. This can have disastrous consequences for a young man. Young men, versus girls, are more likely to attempt suicide. In many cases, they’re often successful.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Cellphone tracking software and a GPS tracker for car can actually be a valuable tool that can help you keep your sons safe. Protecting your sons has never been easier thanks to the power of technology.


The Issues That Affect Young Men


Young men are uniquely vulnerable to certain forms of bullying and harassment. Boys are often targets of physical assault by their peers. Both female and male peers can attack boys for their physical appearance, their perceived masculinity, and so on.

Many predators specifically target young men and prey on their budding sense of masculinity, making a boy feel inferior or encouraging a boy to never report their abuse for fear that the boy will be perceived as less of a man or that no one will take their abuse seriously.

And just like girls, boys can be targeted by cyberbullies and online harassment.

Cellphone tracking technology can put a stop to all of these issues and help ensure that your child receives the protection he needs.


Protecting Your Son


Installing spy gear, cell phone moniotoring software, audio surveillance or other security technology should be something all parents consider doing. You can’t afford not to these days. It’s never been more dangerous to be a child than it is today.

Cellphone tracking software is a powerful, discreet tool that allows parents to monitor all activity a child conducts on his cellphone. You can see what social media apps a boy is using. Any outgoing or incoming texts and calls can be viewed as well. It’s like you’re using your son’s phone. We mean it when we say all activity. All photos sent from the phone are viewable as well. You can even see where your son’s precise GPS location is at all times, making cellphone tracking software an invaluable tool when it comes to protecting your son in a variety of situations.

When you install cellphone tracking software, be on the lookout for any suspicious activity. This includes, but is not limited to, solicitations for sex, contact from strange people, and so on. Bullies may harass your son over text or through social media. Strangers may do the same.

Pay attention, specifically, to any images that people are texting your son. Make notes of conversations that stand out to you.

What can you do if something seems suspicious? Pay attention and take careful notes. Be sure to save screenshots of any conversations that seem strange, harassing, or overtly sexual. This is what you’ll take to the authorities if it turns out someone is bullying or preying on your child. Be sure to get the police and your son’s school involved if something isn’t right. You never know what’s really going on. Don’t let your child fight all of his battles alone. You can help prevent suicide, self-harm, and more by taking action against bullies and predators. Act before it’s too late. Protect your son with the power of cellphone tracking software.

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