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Easy Spy cell phone monitoring software is easy to install and use.

Put The Easy in Cell Phone Monitoring

Are you interested in cell phone monitoring software but are a little confused about how it works? Would you make the purchase if you knew it was a simple three-part process? See the easy steps below to begin monitoring today. Easy Spy was designed for those who aren’t completely tech-savvy, and comes with no monthly costs and no hidden fees. This software also supports all Android and Apple devices, so anyone can use it!

Step 1: Purchase Easy Spy

Click on any of the BUY NOW buttons to buy Easy Spy today. Within minutes you will receive an email that will have everything you need to begin using Easy Spy immediately. After purchasing the software, you will receive your confirmation email which contains your download link, username, password and license key. You will be given easy-to-follow instructions complete with full illustrations clearly explaining how to install the app. If you run into any trouble, please contact our support department for assistance. Our support department is open from 9am to 5pm Monday through Friday.

Step 2: Install the App

Use the OTA (over-the-air) method to download and install the app. During installation, enter the telephone number of the phone you want to monitor.

Step 3: Remote Access Will Now Be Available

Text messages, recorded calls, GPS tracking and more is extracted from the target phone and remotely uploaded to our secure servers. Login from any mobile device (cell phone, tablet or desktop) to see tons of information from the target phone.

Control Panel View

And now you can send commands from the member area to control the target phone, such as backup and wipe phone data, pause application, lock phone, and more. Your desired settings and preferences are recorded onto the Easy Spy server, and will perform your given commands. The servers redirect your commands to the target phone for execution. It’s that simple!

According to a CDC report, “Teens whose parents use effective monitoring practices are less likely to make decisions that can negatively impact their health, such as having sex at an early age, smoking cigarettes, drinking alcohol, and being physically aggressive.” Easy Spy was designed for monitoring your teen, your employee or any person you believe needs intervention, and puts the “easy” in cell phone monitoring.

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