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Top Reasons for Device Repair and How to Prevent Them


Although cell phones are one of the most advanced technologies in the world, they’re also the most delicate, and require repairs often. If you’ve ever had your phone damaged, you the know the feeling of panic that sets in. Some of the things that go through someone’s mind include what have I done, how can I save my phone, and do I have to buy a new one?  That’s why it’s important to know the most common causes of device repair and how to prevent them.


Cracked or Broken Screens

One of the biggest problems among iPhones is having a cracked or broken screen. The most common cause of this is user’s accidentally dropping their phone. This type of damage can cause serious cell phone issues such as a loss of data. Knowing this, it’s important that you find a reputable phone repair company that you can rely on.


Charging Ports

Over time, phone chargers and charging ports can become damaged from extensive use. From experience, this can often be caused by using the wrong charger and forcing it into your cell phone. Since they are an essential part of your phone, it’s important the port is fully functional and the charger compatible with your smartphone.


Crashed Operating System

Having your cell phone system crash is a user’s worst nightmare! Since most people use their phone or tablet to browse the web, download content, and email people, the device’s system often overloads and crashes. The usual causes for a cell phone to crash include viruses, malware, hackers, and in some cases, a phone update. 


Broken Device Buttons

So many of us have experienced having broken cell phone buttons. The power, volume, and home buttons are the most common to break. The downside is that there’s little you can do to prevent this kind of damage, since you need to use these buttons on a daily basis.


Water Damage

Ever accidentally dropped your cell phone in the toilet or sink? We’ve all been there. According to CNET, 19% of people drop their phone into the toilet. Although most modern smartphones are water resistant up to a few meters, they can still develop water damage.


How to Prevent Device Damage


device repair back up
Make sure to back up your phone so your data is safe!


Have A Screen Protector

Any device would benefit from having a screen protector at all times. The display screen is the most important part of a phone, and is also the most fragile. Any little drop or mishandling can crack or shatter the screen, leaving you phoneless and paying costly repair bills. The best screen protectors around are made of tempered glass, which you can purchase online or at your local cell phone store. 


Get A High-Quality Case

The screen isn’t the only thing that can become damaged if you drop your phone. The back or interior of your device can get scratched or malfunction, too. To protect your phone from every angle, purchase a high-quality phone case. Though some cases claim to protect phones better than others, any kind of case can offer protection.


Waterproof Your Phone

Since water damage is one of the top reasons for device repair, you should take steps to waterproof your device. First, consider purchasing a waterproof case, which will help give it that extra layer of protection. Next, avoid carrying it in places such as the beach, bathroom or kitchen, where water could damage your device. Is it really necessary to be looking at your phone in the bathroom? I don’t think so. 


Don’t Leave Your Phone On Its Own

Although most people are very protective of their devices, they tend to occasionally leave them in unsecured areas like the office or a seat on the bus. Leaving your device in these areas can increase its risk of damage and chances of it getting stolen. Instead, make sure it’s in your hand, pocket, or in another secure area to prevent unwanted damage to your device. 


Back Up Your Device

Though backing up your device regularly won’t prevent damage, it can help ease your panic in the event your phone data gets lost. Make sure to back up the data on your device onto a computer or portable hard drive.


By knowing the most common device repairs and how to avoid them, you can prevent your phone from getting damaged in the future.

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