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Reduce Small Business Worry

What’s your hobby? What do you love to do when you’re not working, carrying out family commitments, not running to an appointment? What’s your “me” time all about? If you’re one of the millions of people using a smartphone, your downtime probably includes a mobile app that enhances your favorite hobby. If you run, there’s an app to track your miles. If you cook, there’s an app to store that perfect recipe while giving you the convenience of not writing a shopping list. Need a great local dog park to bring the pup? There’s an app for that. Need to check your flight arrival? Of course there’s an app for that. Groceries can now be delivered to your front door via an app. There’s even an app if you lost your mirror and need to check your teeth before a date! The possibilities are endless, and app usage only increases every year. According to a Forbes.com article, games account for 20% of mobile app usage and Facebook is by far the leader in mobile-only users. We’re not chained to a desktop computer anymore and we live on our smartphones – for business, socially, for our health, to pay our bills, and more.

With all this modern app activity, how can a local business increase their app usage to enhance productivity? A company can easily benefit from cell phone monitoring software. Despite its reputation, cell phone monitoring software is not just for spying on your ex-spouse. Tracking apps are legal and give the authorized user (such as an employer who needs to monitor his employees) the peace of mind he needs, once that employee is off site. But it’s more than just confirming if John made the delivery. Did he take all the pictures he needed for company website? What if the company phone was lost or stolen? All the hours John put into company work can be lost in an instant, with the recovery time long and painfully inconvenient. Autoforward can aid in recovering all that information. Pictures, videos, important call logs to clients – what would happen if all that information was lost? Or landed in a competitor’s hands?

Cell phone tracking can easily reduce small business worry. Millions of pieces of data are shared and stored, and companies need to keep that data close at hand. Autoforward is a simple download and install process that can be used on any company-issued phone. Once the software is installed on the target phone, the employer can easily view an employee’s history on a unique user dashboard. And the software is compatible with all Android and Apple devices.

Cell phone mobile applications aren’t going away anytime soon. They enhance our communication and contribute to a strong economic growth overall. The need for more backup and data restoration is only going to grow, and the convenience of a mobile cell phone tracking software can contribute to healthy bottom line development, as much as it can aid the home cook put that perfect meal on the table.

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