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Remotely Track a Phone Location During Emergency Situations!

To all parents and guardians, companies specializing in mobile software now offer apps that remotely track a phone location of your loved ones! These downloadable applications practically make use of internet-ready smart phones, tablet or desktop (whichever you prefer to install it with) for remote tracking done in real-time!

While there are way too many options to choose from, let me give you a run-down of guaranteed quality ones:

  • Auto Forward
  • Highster Mobile
  • SurePoint Spy
  • DDI Utilities

Take time to visit each of their individual website or better yet check Safeguarde for online discussions or user blog forums of the above-mentioned apps.

What to look for in a tracker app?

You cannot go about looking for a particular tracker app without considering the following things:

  • Features

It is during emergency situations wherein location of a target is very much significant. Tracker apps usually does it better than typical surveillance tools even that of a professional investigator. But its capabilities should go beyond tracking GPS location! Doesn’t it sound appealing if it also works as a text spy app or data recovery software like Auto Forward?

Remember that installation of any trackers is an investment; be wise enough to choose ones that have premium offerings! Compatibility

Make sure your app choice is compatible with usual smart phone operating system providers. The guaranteed ones I have reiterated earlier are all Android and Apple friendly! Auto Forward and Highster Mobile are distinctive among others for they do not require Apple users to jail break phone.

  • Quality service (after purchase included)

Usually, when you buy online the risk of after-sales service is good as nothing. What if you are not fond of Do-It-Yourself installation or activities?  So, in order to ensure that the app provides help in terms of technical difficulties, do test if the customer service contact numbers are really operational before purchase.

  • Reasonable Pricing

The reason behind creators coming up with these apps is not only profit-making but more importantly to make use of technological advantages for security and convenience purposes. However, be mindful apps’ pricing. While you are into quality, know that there are plausible track my cell phone  apps that are budget-fitting. You have to do comparison first before anything else for money’s worth!


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