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How Looking Into A Reverse Phone Directory Saved My Child


After my divorce, getting back into the dating pool as a single mother was difficult. At my friends urging I signed up for a dating site and created a profile. After a few weeks I met the most wonderful man. His name was Michael, he was an attorney and lived just two towns over for me. If it wasn’t for a reverse phone directory search, I would have never known Michael the Attorney was actually Frank the three times convicted sexual predator.

How It Started

Michael messaged me on the dating site. He was really nice and seemingly perfectly normal. We began talking and he wanted to meet. I was wary of meeting someone I met online so I did a background check on the name he gave me, Michael Sweeney. The background check showed that Michael Sweeny did in fact live two towns over from me and was an attorney. I did a criminal background check and it came up clean. I felt safe enough to go on a few dates.

He was so charming

Our first date was magnificent. He took me out to dinner and a show. I tried my best, but ended up mentioning my divorce (something I really tried to avoid). He was kind and considerate about it. I felt like I found my Prince Charming.

The next few dates were wonderful. We texted all the time throughout the day. It was like I was a teenager in love.

Red Flags

After a few dates Michael asked if he could take me and my son out for a day of fun at the amusement park. I was hesitant at first since our relationship was so new, but I had already done a background check and he was clean so I agreed. We set a date.

As the date got closer, I just felt wrong about something. I Googled Michael Sweeny attorney and the picture that came up looked nothing like the Michael Sweeny I knew. Maybe there were more than one Michael Sweeny who was an attorney two towns over? It was possible.

Still something was still eating away at me. I didn’t want to bring up the awkward conversation asking him if he was really Michael Sweeny in case I was being paranoid.

A Reverse Phone Lookup

I checked a reverse phone lookup directory, KiwiSearches.com. I put in the number Michael gave me and what came up was shocking.

The owner of the phone number he gave me belonged to a man named Frank. Frank lived in my town, was a truck driver and had a criminal record about a mile long, including being a registered sex offender.

He had taken the identity of a real person knowing I would have done a background check. I didn’t think to look at the phone numbers on my original search since I already had him on my phone.

I started dating Michael Sweeny, but ended up breaking up with Frank before he had access to my son. If I hadn’t checked the reverse phone directory to find out Frank’s true identity, I don’t even want to think of what could have happened.

My best advice is not only do a background check on someone you meet online, but do a search on their phone as well so you can know they are who they say they are.


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