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Saving Your Kids From The Dangers Of Cyberbullying


Posting on Social Media is extremely popular for today’s generation of children and teenagers. Kids are constantly updating their status on Facebook, writing tweets on Twitter, and posting photos to Instagram. This may seem like fun and games until cyberbullying comes into the picture. I didn’t know much about cyberbullying and I never researched it because I didn’t think it was something I had to worry about. But I was wrong. A few months ago, my daughter’s behavior started changing and my intuition told me that something was wrong. She was being short with me when she returned home from school and she didn’t seem like her bubbly self anymore.  I started reaching out to my friends who are also parents for advice and they told me that there was a possibility that my daughter was being bullied. I started doing some research about cyber bullying online and found some alarming results. Online and text bullying is a major cause of teen depression and in some severe cases, it has caused teens to take their own life. The more I tried to talk to my daughter about the subject the more she pushed away by telling me that I didn’t have to worry about it. So I decided that I needed to take action to get down to the bottom of the situation. The next day, I started doing some research on cell phone spy applications and programs.

I was online searching for a few hours trying to find the best cell phone spy ware. I decided to purchase the Auto Forward spy software and it was a great decision. Auto Forward was very easy to install on my daughters iPhone, and she will never know that’s it on there. I am not very tech-savvy so when I first ordered the product, I called the customer service line and they were able to walk me through the installation in just a few minutes. The program was easy to use and I was able to read through my daughter’s text messages and view her online and social media activity. I quickly learned that I was right to be suspicious of my daughters’ behavior. She was being bullied by a group of fellow students who were sending her harsh messages over text and on social media. As a mother, I was brought to tears thinking other teenagers could do something like this.

Now, a month later, I was able to handle the situation without causing a scene or creating more problems for my daughter at school. If you are a parent, you probably worry about your kids from time to time. Every time I saw a news report about a teen or young child committing suicide as a result of bullying, it broke my heart. I wanted my daughter to continue to be the confident fun loving girl she had always been and Auto Forward helped me do that. The information I obtained from Auto Forward helped me take action to stop the bullying she was experiencing.

Children have the world at their fingertips when they are on their cell phones and it seems like there is no way to protect them. Parents can set parental controls into place but it is very likely that they will find ways around them. Your children may be dealing with cyber bullies or they may even be a bully themselves. Or perhaps they are talking to complete strangers that they met on the internet or they are lying about where they are going with their friends. You never know these days because kids can be very secretive. I chose to use Auto Forward because I wanted to protect my child from harm and I have suggested it to every parent I know.  If you are considering buying a spy app to protect your children, I would definitely suggest Auto Forward.

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