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Essential Back To School Gadgets Every Child Needs

A new school year is just around the corner! With that being said, it’s time to go school shopping! It’s essential that your child has the gadgets and tech to succeed. However, parents need to make sure their children are using these gadgets properly at school. A way they can accomplish this is by using monitoring software to track their use.

So, here is our list of the top back to school gadgets every kid needs!

Volume-Safe Headphones

monitoring software
Headphones are a great gadget for kids!


Kids love listening to the latest popular music, watching YouTube videos, and playing games even at school. However, a concern among many parents is that the volume level could cause ear damage.

A clear solution is getting volume-safe headphones for kids. One of the best on the market are the JLab Audio Kids Headphones. They have three different types: JBuddies Folding Headphones, JBuddies Studio, and JBuddies Studio Bluetooth. These headphones are affordable starting at $19.99 per headphone. What’s unique about the folding headphone is that your child can customize the appearance using stickers!

Smart Notebook

Parents spend lots of $$$ every year on school notebooks. Well, what if you only need to buy one? Rocketbook is the future of school notebooks. With this smart notebook, your child can simply write their notes and it can be uploaded to the cloud or Rocketbook app through scanning. After the notes are backed-up, you can simply put the notebook in the microwave or use the wipe provided to erase your notes.

They have three different books: Wave, Everlast, and Color. The Everlast and Color are the best deals as you can infinitely use the notebooks with no erase limits. This gadget is well worth the buck for any parent. Here is a video about the Rocketbook Everlast:

Chromebook or 2-in-1 Laptop

When kids reach the end of elementary school and are starting middle school, it’s essential to get them a laptop. They are starting classes that involve class projects and using Microsoft programs which require having a quality laptop. Now, before purchasing one set a budget and know what your child will need for school. My Recommendation: You can never go wrong with a Chromebook or a 2-in-1 computer. They will do the job, are reliable, affordable, and great for a child in school.

A popular one is the Microsoft Surface. This computer serves as both a laptop and tablet having a detachable computer. So, instead of spending more money purchasing two separate devices, you can just purchase this 2-1 laptop for less. It is also lightweight and can easily fit in a child’s backpack. This device provides access to the Google Play store apps and games.

monitoring software
Microsoft Surface


With these gadgets, your child will be on their way to succeeding in school. Remember parents, make sure to use monitoring software to know what your child is up on their devices. This not only reassures you that they are on the right educational track, but can help you protect them from online dangers like cyber bullying. You can also protect them by doing a background check on their teacher to know who they are. 

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