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Screening my Daughter for Suicidal Tendencies

A news report this morning stated that parents of teens should actively screen their children for suicidal tendencies. Suicide, it has been reported, is the second most common reason for death in young people—specifically teens. That information simply stunned me—and it should really be a wake-up call for all parents.

After hearing the report, I thought about my own daughter. She’s 14. Right now, she seems happy and healthy and normal, but I know that can change at any moment. All it takes is hormones, a boy, a frenemy or a bully. While this is all normal for a teenager—and has been for decades—there are two things that have amped up the problem: the Internet and the smartphone.

While the Internet has been around for roughly 25 years, it’s only saturated the common household in just the last 15. Now, this 24-7 barrage of news, communication, music, socializing, sexualizing, and terrorizing exists in the palm of our hands—and it’s even more in-your-face than ever before.

My daughter has access to everything and anything at any time of the day. Yes, it’s wonderful when you need information or a map or want to be entertained or contact someone, but it can also be detrimental to her overall well being. Hackers are constantly trying to get at her. Scammers  too. Perverts  and pedophiles? Definitely. But then there’s  also her peers: boys who want her to post a sexy selfie on Instagram or Twitter, girls who may bad-mouth her on Facebook or Snapchat, or a classmate who excluded her in a post or a party. All of this can wound my baby—maybe even cause her to contemplate killing herself someday!

You hear about a teen committing suicide every now and then on the news—often because they were bullied or humiliated by classmates. It’s always heartbreaking. I don’t want that happening to my little girl so I’m going to do something that I’ve heard other parents are doing. I’m going to install a remote sms spy  on her phone.

Good mobile remotely spy on text messages free  allow people to check up on their kids without them knowing. Yes, it’s spying, but I don’t have a problem with that if it lets me keep my daughter safe—and I’ve sworn to myself that I won’t overdo the “spying”. I just want to use it to check, from time to time, whether or not someone is trying to get at her. I also will use remotely spy on text messages  it to make sure she’s not posting semi-nude or inappropriate pictures of herself on all of her social media accounts.

I’ve been wading through dozens of pages of apps since this morning and I think I’ve narrowed it down. I’m going to take a few more days and do some more research, but so far, these look like the best of the bunch and they don’t cost a lot. I will post a follow-up in a few days to let you know how they are and then maybe another in a month or so.


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