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Secretly Spy On Your Lover with Auto Forward

Secretly Spy On Your Lover with Auto Forward

You have most probably arrived here looking for a mobile tracking spyware that satisfies all your requirements without stretching your budget or testing your technical skill. You must have already noticed that there are quite a few options available in the market at this moment. However, after using almost all these products as part of my job, I found one product that easily stands apart from the rest. Auto Forward is a recently launched program that has already gained significant popularity amongst users that are just like you. This review will provide you valuable inputs to help you make the best possible purchase.

auto-forward-box-150I personally consider the features of a product to be extremely important while buying any product, and I am sure most of you are like that, too. Based on my assessment of Auto Forward from a user’s point of view, this is certainly the most feature rich cell phone tracking technology at present. Its advanced message tracking feature allows you to monitor all messages sent and received on real time basis. Most importantly, you can even find out the deleted texts with the help of Auto Forward. It also has a highly functional GPS location tracking feature that uploads the GPS positions of the device once in every ten minutes.

Call recording is a feature found in almost all mobile tracking products. Auto Forward is different compared to most of them because of the clarity and crispness of the recorded voice files. The call log tracking feature can be a lifesaver for the business owners looking to restrict their employees from making personal calls using the company’s phone. Similarly, the browser history monitoring feature can be used to find out the websites that your young kid is visiting from the phone.

You can even monitor the videos and photos taken using the target phone. However, the feature that I liked the most is the one called Stealth Camera. With this feature, it is possible to secretly take photos using the target phone. This can be done simply by sending an SMS command from your phone.

SMS stands for “Short Messaging System” and is now widely known simply as “Text Massaging or texting”. You can read more about SMS Commands and how it is used you can read more here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Short_Message_Service

The most extraordinary thing about Auto Forward is its ease of use. There are many products in the market that fail to address this key requirement. All the features of Auto Forward function exactly as promised, and are super easy to use. Installation can be a chore with most of the mobile tracking programs. Auto Forward is extremely easy install, and requires the target phone’s access for no more than just two minutes. Remote tracking using Auto Forward is effortless because its control panel is easily accessible using any other mobile device. Also, Auto Forward is compatible with all types of Apple devices and Android phones.

Auto Forward also comes equipped with a remote lockdown feature that will render the phone useless should it be lost or stolen. Much hoppla has been made lately over the inclusion of the Kill Switch by Apple in its newest edition of the iPhone. With Auto Forward, you can have this feature without having to plunk down a few hundred bucks for a new iPhone

Pricing is also a key point that I consider before making any purchase. I think Auto Forward is a great choice because it comes just for one time pricing of $69.99. Unlike most other mobile spying programs, no monthly charges are there.

As a professional reviewer, I know of many products that can serve the purpose for the technology savvy user. However, Auto Forward fits the bill like none else, if you are a common man with limited technical know how.

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Auto Forward Tracking and Spy is the only spy software that allows remote mic and camera activation.  For a one-time fee of only $69.99, you will get all the cool spy features allowing you to be your own private investigator.

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