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“Security” Of Your Data

For most businesses, safety is a relative term. Keeping their employees safe in their work environment, keeping their factory floors free of hazards and resistant to accidents, and keeping a Material Safety Data Sheet on any kind of hazardous materials onsite are about as far as most businesses will ever have to go.

But for businesses engaged in the work of national security and military defense, safety takes on a whole different meaning. When we think about the defense industry, most people probably think about a few, large, international companies like Boeing that makes military aircraft for the Air Force and Navy or United Defense that makes vehicles for the Army.


1. Under the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR), specific regulations control the export and import of defense-related articles and services that appear on the United States Munitions List. And some components in the list are made in small factories by companies that may have little infrastructure and few protocols in place to ensure that they meet rigorous ITAR security regulations.

2. It may also come as a surprise that just like exporting a sensitive device or component is a violation of ITAR regulations, exporting plans, blueprints or manufacturing specifications for them is equally restricted.

3. Perhaps the most surprising fact of all is that ITAR can be violated without a component or plan ever leaving the room where you have it, if it is shown to a foreign national person. For these reasons, companies that work with ITAR-restricted materials or documentation have to keep rigorous control of their data.

4. Violations of ITAR regulations are considered to be of great importance and if handled poorly can result in massive sanctions and penalties by the federal government. And with the severity of these consequences, companies take great pains to secure information and follow ITAR protocols to the maximum of their ability. According to a Military Embedded Systems article, “Recent punishments have ranged from $20,000 to as much as $78 million.”

5. Another means by which ITAR-compliant companies can help to safeguard themselves is through the use of modern cell phone tracking software. Just like network security for their Local Area Networks, tracking software for employees’ mobile devices acts as a deterrent to negligence and an identifier of purposeful impropriety. If ITAR data becomes compromised through an employee’s mobile device, a cell phone monitoring software package can identify the extent of the breach and help the company proactively resolve it in close cooperation with the federal government. On a smaller scale, businesses can truly benefit from cell phone monitoring like Highster Mobile for data protection.

By being proactive and taking aggressive action to limit the damage of a breach, companies can limit their liability and the chances of punitive fines. Although it isn’t as good as preventing a breach in the first place, this ability to identify and act could save a company millions of dollars in penalties.

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