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Setting Limits

Remember a low-tech existence? There was a time when children were forced to entertain themselves without a screen. Now that spring is here and kids aren’t trapped indoors due to inclement weather, there is more opportunity for kids to rediscover the joys of the great outdoors, where a tablet is not necessarily an instant need. Tell the kids to take a walk. Pick up a ball. Swing on a tire. Stay out past dinner. Trade the screen for sunscreen. Archaic thinking, perhaps. But the best part of a longer day is soaking in the sun, and with it, a simpler existence. Surprisingly, according to a New York Times’ article, even Steve Jobs limited the amount of tech time for his kids. It’s all about moderation.

Sooner or later those sun-kissed kids will come back indoors and find the comforts of modern technology once again. And it’s the number one parental imperative to keep your kids safe. With Autoforward, you can monitor your child’s cell phone and know that they are making the right decisions. Robust reporting from Autoforward allows you to view texts, chats, call logs, web search history, and much more, from your child’s mobile phone.

Technology isn’t going away, but at least you can stop any destructive behavior before it spirals out of control. Cell phone spy capabilities can help. Spring is here, and you’ll enjoy more of the great outdoors if you’re secure in knowing that the ones you love have a safe online presence.


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