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Shopping App Usage Increase

In this technological age, everyone has their cell phone on them at all times and work hours are no exception. Mobile app usage is an ever-increasing field, seeing a 76% jump in app usage in 2014, with shopping apps leading the way, surging by 174% according to a Yahoo-Flurry year end analytics report. We usually think of gaming and social media applications as the main areas people spend the majority of their free time on, but with the popular search engine shopping category available, are more employees looking  for a new outfit for the weekend instead of working?

Any distraction could lead to less productivity, and result in a decrease in a company’s profits. Employers should be concerned if app usage in general has grown, which means employees are spending more time on their phones. That phone time be cutting into a company’s work productivity.

With such a large jump in shopping app usage, it’s not unreasonable to believe that employees are using apps more during work hours. How can we make sure that this workplace distraction doesn’t cause a fall in productivity on the job? If you want the ability to monitor your employee’s company cell phone without them knowing they’re being monitored, Autoforward gives you this ability, as the employer, to track a cell phone without having the phone, and therefore oversee what your employees are interacting with throughout the work day. Your profits are valuable. Let Autoforward help you protect them.



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