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7 Signs Your Summer Romance Is More Than Just A Fling


Are you having a summer fling? If so, you may be questioning whether to break it off or if it’s worth continuing. Those hot summer nights can definitely mess with your head and logic. How do you determine whether your summer romance is real? Below, we’ve listed the signs that it’s more than just a fling.

7 Signs Your Summer Fling Isn’t Just A Fling

1. It’s Not Just About Physical Attraction

Summer flings are typically just based on physical attraction and hooking up. If you both really like each other, talk about personal topics,  and enjoy spending time together, your summer fling is actually a real relationship.

2. You Are Both Casually Planning For The Future

Even if your fling isn’t serious, casually planning for the future is a sign you have feelings for one another. These plans could include meeting each other’s friends, getting tickets for a concert, or deciding what Halloween costumes to wear.

3. They’ve Taken You To Important Events

When dating someone, you typically go to their important events like work socials and family birthday parties. If your fling has taken you to events that matter to them, they emotionally care about you.  

4. You Go On Actual Dates

“Doing it” with a summer fling doesn’t count as going on a date. Dates like going to the beach, movies, dinner, and mini-golfing are typical of those who are in a true relationship.

5. You’re Hanging Out With Each Other’s Friends

In a normal relationship, meeting and hanging out with each other’s friends is a sign that you both like one another. If you’ve done this, you’re clearly in a real relationship.

6. They Text You In The Morning And At Night

Sending morning and night texts is a romantic gesture that doesn’t happen when you’re having a fling. This is common of people who are in relationships and can’t stop thinking about one another. 

7. You Have Nicknames For Each Other

In every rom-com movie, you see the main romantic characters have nicknames or pet names for each other. The same applies to real life. If your summer fling has one for you and vice versa, your fling is definitely more than just a fling.

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After reading these signs, ask yourself, is your summer romance real or just a fling? To make sure, you can use a spy text app on the person your with to make sure they aren’t having a fling with anyone else!

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