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Six Tips That Point to A Great Cell Phone Spy Software

When does a parent decide to get cell phone spy tracking apps for iPhone devices, one question that comes to mind is how to pick the best? As more parents come out explaining the difficulties they have with kids, new companies designing new apps to address them keep emerging. Though more options are better, they do not make it easier to pick the best. This article is a comprehensive review of how to select the best cell phone spy software to monitor and control your kids’ activities.

1. Select the spy software with diverse applications

Great spy software should give you multiple applications to look at all aspects of your kid. You should be able to monitor the messages, calls, and even online activities. This is critical because your kid might be going wrong in one area while you think he/she is okay. Other spy websites/applications to check for include geo-fencing capability, GPS tracking, and remote controls.

2. Look for spy software with enthralling customer support

Spy apps are software like others and can develop issues that require an urgent address. Whether it is a minor or major issue, the software should have a direct support that you can rush to get instant answers. The best support to consider is telephone calls answered by a real person, live chats, and responsive Skype. Unfortunately, only a few software like Auto Forward Spy that have this capability. Many are those that only have email support and take long to respond.

3. Affordability

The best spy software should be affordable to users. Take time to review your personal budget and identify what is more affordable. The best option is software like Auto Forward Spy that comes with a one-time price and does not have other hidden charges. However, if you opt for those that require a monthly subscription, the cost is higher on the long term. Besides, such monthly subscriptions may change without notice and make you pay more.

4. Ease of installation and use

Look for software that is easy to install on the target phone. If you are sure that jailbreaking the kid’s phone is easy, you can get software that requires physical installation. However, if accessing the phone is difficult, spy software like Auto Forward Spy would be more appropriate because they can be installed remotely.

When considering ease of use, make sure to extend the same to usage. Good spy software should be easy to use after installation. Take time to test the app in order to know how easy the app is to monitor the kid.  The best way to do this is utilizing the trial session to pre-test everything.

5. Go for spy software with positive reviews and ratings

As more people continue using spy software, buyers have the advantage of picking the best because they have been tested. Therefore, take time to read through reviews and customer feedback that rates various apps. Professional reviews are particularly useful because they dig deeper into iPhone tracker free of contact spy software and explain its difference with others.

6. Go for spy software that guarantees user accounts and top information security

You do not want to have your spy account compromised at any moment because stored information about your child might be stolen. Therefore, review the security level of the software of choice by checking whether details are encrypted and a number of past complains from the past. One app that has won the trust of many because of extra focus on security is Auto Forward Spy because they keep reviewing their security by releasing new updates.


If you use the outlined tips when looking for a spy software, be sure of getting the best to keep the kid safe and high value for money. Remember that everything must be carefully assessed and tested to confirm their effectiveness. Remember that after getting any spy app; you need to also learn how it works to perfect its use.


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