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Smartphone Safety: Texting Glossary

If you use a smartphone to send SMS messages, you’re probably acquainted with some of the many acronyms and abbreviations that people use for these messages. When this technology was brand new, it was tricky to enter letters into a cell phone because phones didn’t have keyboards; people used the standard phone keypad with letters assigned to each number to write a text message, which took a lot more time. For that reason, people started using a lot of abbreviations to write text messages. Even though full keyboards are now built into most phones, the practice of abbreviating phrases and words has stayed with us. If you’ve ever been confused about something you’ve seen in a text, brush up on your texting glossary with these helpful terms.

AAK: Alive and kicking

AAP: Always a pleasure

B4: Before

BAK: Back at keyboard

BAU: Business as usual

BG: Big grin

CM: Call me

CT: Can’t talk

DGTG: Don’t go there, girlfriend

DR: Didn’t read

EOD: End of day

FTW: For the win

GAC: Get a clue

GR8: Great

GRATZ: Congratulations

GTG: Got to go

HAK: Hug and kiss

HMU: Hit me up

IAO: I am out

IDC: I don’t care

IGHT: Alright

IGN: I got nothing

IKR: I know, right?

IMU: I miss you

JW: Just wondering

KISS: Keep it simple, stupid

LD: Later, dude

LMIRL: Let’s meet in real life

LMK: Let me know

MBS: Mom behind shoulder

N1: Nice one

NM: Never mind

O4U: Only for you

OIC: Oh, I see

OTL: Out to lunch

OTOH: On the other hand

OTT: Over the top

POV: Point of view

Q4U: Question for you

QT: Cutie

RME: Rolling my eyes

RW: Real world

SB: Smiling back

SC: Stay cool

SMH: Shaking my head

SRY: Sorry

SSDD: Same stuff different day

T+: Think positive

TFS: Thanks for sharing

TYVM: Thank you very much

UCMU: You crack me up

UOK: Are you okay?

UV: Unpleasant visual

UW: You’re welcome

VBS: Very big smile

VEG: Very evil grin

WAM: Wait a minute

WAYF: Where are you from?

WDYT: What do you think?

WUUT: What are you up to?

WYCM: Will you call me?

X: Kiss

Y: Why?

Y2K: You’re too kind

YGG: You go girl

YKW: You know what?

Z: Zero

ZH: Sleeping hour

ZOT: Zero tolerance

ZZZZ: Sleeping or bored

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