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SMS Spy – How Controlled Screen Time Improves Learning in Children

Considering the significant rise of computer and Internet use among children, it’s not surprising anymore that parents are growing more and more concerned about its effects on their kids, which is one of the reasons why the use of cell phone and sms spy has increased as well. Parents, teachers, and other adults are now aware of the many negative effects of too much screen time on the overall development of their children. But computer use is not always bad. As a matter of fact, allowing children to use the computer can improve learning.

Screen Time and Learning Among Children

We all know the dangers of too much screen time, and this has justified the need for parents to monitor their children’s cell phone and computer use by using tools to spy on cell phone and PCs. Recent studies suggest, however, that time spent on the computer can actually help boost your child’s academic performance. Here’s how:

  1. Training your child’s brain.

In a 2011 study from the University of Michigan, it was found that brain-stimulating computer games improved the grades of children 8 to 9 years old. These students were given 15 minutes each day to use programs that measure the ability of the brain to hold information. After three months, it was clear that the participating students were able to score better on problem-solving and abstract reasoning questions.

  1. Individualized challenges

Computer programs allow children to work through their tasks at their own pace. Those who struggle in a particular challenge can spend more time on it. On the other hand, those who are high achievers can complete their tasks ahead of everyone else so they won’t get bored. Teachers often find it hard to cater to the individual abilities and needs of their students, but computers can do this easily.

  1. Computer games facilitate communication.

Computers can also foster effective communication between students and their peers as well as their teachers. According to studies, students are likely to write better and more detailed reflections online, especially when they are aware that they’re writing for a bigger audience.

  1. Computers make learning more fun.

Young kids can easily get frustrated when they can’t learn something easily. The good thing about computer programs is that they have a playful tone that helps children enjoy learning. As we all know, it’s important for children to enjoy what they are doing, especially if it’s learning, because this increases their ability to absorb knowledge and information.


Clearly, computers and the Internet can be beneficial for the learning of children. But of course, it’s crucial for parents to actively monitor their children’s screen time to protect them from the negative effects of too much computer. And one of the best ways to do this type of monitoring is by installing Auto Forward cell phone spy software with GPS phone locator.

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