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SMS Tracking: Spy On Someone’s Text Messages Ethically

SMS Tracking: Spy On Someone’s Text Messages Ethically

Let’s talk about monitoring your teen’s phone or spy on their text messages with just a phone number. In most cases, the best thing to do before you install any kind of monitoring or tracking app on any teen’s mobile phone is to talk to them first. The worst thing you can do as a parent is to observe their activities while they are on the phone without them knowing about it or agreeing to it. It may seem like what parents are doing is spying, but using monitoring apps to monitor mobile kids’ mobile phones is anything but spying. Here’s why.

The Importance of Prior Awareness and Consent

Cell phone monitoring might seem acceptable to some parents, but teens in general will have a different point of view on the matter. Most teens believe it invades their safe space and privacy, and it creates a crack in the trust built between parent and child. As a responsible parent, your teen should be aware of the software, its features, and how and why you intend to use it. By explaining your reasoning behind monitoring them, they will in time grow to understand the situation. 

Good Choices To Foster Trust and Reduce The Level of Monitoring

It’s good to let teens know that there is an end to the monitoring. It is best if you tell them that if they behave properly while they are under observation, you will decrease your monitoring of them. That will build trust between parent and child, and help your child understand that what you are doing is for their safety.

Tracking Social Media

Let’s get something straight first. SMS is a method of communication that includes any short message. The most common form of SMS is text messaging, but it can also include tweets and DM’s. There are a number of DM services, but the most popular ones are from social media. Facebook Messenger comes to mind right away. SMS tracking includes monitoring DMs as well, not just text messages.

Monitoring apps have varying capabilities when it comes to tracking SMS. The best apps will allow the user or parent to view incoming and outgoing texts to and from the target the phone. Other less popular ones will be limited in the messaging apps they can track. 

Knowing What To Monitor Is Key

With all the different capabilities of text monitoring apps, how will parents know what they need to review and observe? It should be stated that with all the amazing features parental monitoring software programs have, they do have their limitations. First off, parents need to know which social media platforms are the most popular and which sites their child has an account on. You can find that out in your initial talk, when you let your child know that their phone is going to be observed.

Once you determine the social media apps that your child uses, you have to make sure that the monitoring app you choose has a feature that will allow successful monitoring of all those apps. For reference, top apps like Highster Mobile and PhoneSpector can monitor the most popular social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. If there are any other social media and DM apps that your child uses, you can find other monitoring apps if both of the programs mentioned aren’t what you’re looking for.

Children should already have an idea of the proper social media behavior, and also know that dating sites such as Tinder are off limits to them. Tinder and other sites usually have a provision that people below a certain age are not allowed as users. Observing the SMS content of the target phone can be a good early warning system for parents if their children are using adult-oriented websites.

Tracking Text Messages

Needless to say, you should choose a monitoring app that can track text messages coming in to and going out from the phone being monitored. Tracking text messages can be another way to be aware of any inappropriate behavior that your child is displaying. It is also an avenue for parents to know of any bullying that their child may dish out or is a victim of.

One of the things that you can learn by tracking SMS is if there is somebody suspicious that is targeting your child. The internet is a murky place where predators lurk everywhere. These predators could get the information about your child from somewhere on the internet, and chosen to contact them through DMs or text. Having access to both of these popular messaging options can give you an idea of the kinds of people that are in contact with your child and what they are talking about. If you see something suspicious, do your research right away to find out the identity of that person and give yourself extra time to prepare a proper response to somebody stalking your kid.

One of the most important things that parents should remember is to never get confrontational with any issue regarding SMS monitoring. Yes, even if your kids already know that they are being monitored, it still doesn’t mean that they like being observed. Just talk to them rationally about what you found on their messages and what needs to be done to address that issue. They also need to know what will likely happen if your advice isn’t followed to the letter.

The last thing you need to look out for is a feature that allows you to view deleted messages. Your kids might be hiding something from you when they think that you are monitoring them. And the two best apps in terms of SMS tracking that we have reviewed so far are PhoneSpector and Highster Mobile. Both are easy to use and have the essential features of an app designed to monitor SMS messages. Learn more about the top monitoring apps available by visiting our website https://safeguarde.com/ right now!