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How Safe Are You From Spies? According To WikiLeaks And Its C.I.A. Data Dump, Not Very!

A huge data dump by the anti-secrecy group known as WikiLeaks exposed almost 8,000 classified C.I.A. files yesterday. The data reveals how the Central Intelligence Agency uses special software and hacking technology to spy on ordinary citizens’ smartphones, computers, and tablets. According to the site, the C.I.A. can also commandeer these devices—as well as some web servers, routers, and smart televisions—to do what they want with them. That’s making many people wonder about their personal privacy in this age of digital technology and cell phone surveillance software.

The leaked C.I.A. documents include instructions on how to utilize computing tools such as Skype, local Wi-Fi networks, and PDF documents. They also show how to exploit common antivirus programs in order to spy. The very same programs that people use to protect their computers.

WikiLeaks’ latest exposure tells of numerous programs that the C.I.A. runs—including one called Wrecking Crew. That program demonstrates how to target a computer and crash it. Another program explains how to steal passwords with Internet Explorer’s autocomplete.

According to WikiLeaks, this is just the first batch of documents they are releasing. They claim to have a vast amount more.


What does it all mean for you?

Though nothing has been confirmed yet, all signs are pointing to the documents being legit. This should put every individual in a state of unease. Even if you have nothing to hide, the fact that someone—and not just the government—could easily steal your vital information or listen to your most intimate moments by hacking into your beloved tech should make you very afraid.

There are literally hundreds of products on the market today that everyday people like you and I can use to surveil someone else. Many use cell phone surveillance software to spy on their significant others. A growing number of parents place mobile stealth monitoring software on their kids’ devices to protect them from bullies, trolls, and sexual predators. And employers put cell phone tracking software on entrusted work devices to make sure their employees aren’t doing anything illegal or foolish.

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Protect yourself from spies with cell phone surveillance software and more.

If you’re the least bit concerned about someone spying on you, look into how they can be doing it. Check your devices for spyware. Run detection software on your computers. Turn off and unplug from your WiFi when not using it. Do everything that you can to ensure that your personal data doesn’t end up in the wrong hands.

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