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Spy On Text Messages From iPhone and Android Phone: An Easy Guide

Spy On Text Messages From iPhone and Android Phone: An Easy Guide

Loving your kids may be one of the best feelings in the world, but with the way the world works today, it may be necessary for you to spy on text messages on Android phone and iPhones. There are a lot of threats that your kids are exposed to on a daily basis. The frightening thing is that your kids are unaware of these threats. They only want to use their phones and play games on them. In the case of older kids, they may want to stay on social media or text their friends all night long. Each of these scenarios has their own issues, and we will get to discussing them later.

Your kids are young, and just being in this world a short time so far, they may not have the experience necessary for them to detect people who can be a danger to them. They also have little or no knowledge of what to do to counter these situations and turn them in their favor, or at least keep them safe. This is why it is difficult for digital parenting to be a success in the digital world.

Parents and Kids Don’t See Eye to Eye on Technology

Many of us parents were brought up in a world without most of the technology that our children take for granted nowadays. In our time, we didn’t have the level of technology that we have now, the internet was still in its infancy, and we didn’t have smartphones. Our phones then were the ones wired to our house. We watched cartoons and hung out at the mall when we had time to spare. We were not very keen on technology because we had so little of it and it worked for us. Now, we may consider mobile technology and smartphones the bane of our existence, but our kids may see it differently.

Our kids today are brought up in a world where almost everything is digital. They have digitally drawn and animated films in place of cartoons. Where their parents hung out every Saturday at the mall, today’s kids hang out in digital chat rooms and games, gaming or chatting with each other. They often call or text each other instead of going to their friend’s house and asking to see their friends in person. The irony of it is with all of the advances in connectivity, our children still don’t know how to properly connect with another person. And therein lies the issue.

Texting Can Be Dangerous, and That’s No Joke

We all take texting for granted, with it being one of the easiest ways to send a message to another person. But there are dangers to texting as well, and it is even more pronounced when the victim is a child who doesn’t know any better, or should have. But with their lack of sophistication and knowledge about how other people’s minds work, they are an easy target for the people who would like nothing more than to see harm being done to them. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why parents should be able to monitor their kids’ text messages.

  • Text messaging can be very addictive. Kids and teens often spend hours on their phone just calling, DMing or texting their friends and other people. What many parents fail to see is their kids texting even when it’s way past the time they’re supposed to sleep. Kids may stay awake until late at night, and even pull all-nighters, texting. This means that they have less time for sleep and they don’t get their recommended amount of shut-eye every day. This makes them feel more sluggish the next day (who wouldn’t?) and may even affect their overall performance at school. Some of the kids who text all night may fail their classes altogether, and this forces them to go back a year to complete school. And parents wouldn’t know it until after the fact.

With text message monitoring from top monitoring apps like Auto Forward and Highster Mobile, you will be able to see if your kids stay up late texting. The apps will let you see the timestamps of all messages sent to and from the phone, giving you an idea of when your child usually sleeps at night. Once you have this information, you can counter their screen addiction by blocking the messaging apps of the target phone, also a feature of these two apps.

  • Cyberbullies often target kids through text because they can be anonymous. It is this level of anonymity that encourages them to bully children, since bullies are often cowards when confronted. Be that as it may, it is still worth noting that one of the main reasons why kids commit suicide is because of bullying in all its forms, and that includes cyber-bullying.

Parents will not be able to detect cyberbullies unless their children tell them, or they install monitoring apps on their children’s phones. Children often cannot deal with cyberbullies effectively on their own. When their parents know that they are being bullied through text, they can take steps to stop the bullies and keep them away from the children.

  • Child predators are crafty, insidious people that take advantage of the relative inexperience of children, trying to take their innocence (or more) away from them. They may seem like a good-mannered kid of 17 when they are really 40-year-old men sitting in a basement somewhere, targeting kids. They try to make kids trust them, enough for them to coerce or convince their victims to meet them physically. And when the kid is foolish enough to take the bait, then it’s game over. They may be credited with most of the thousand or more kids disappearing every day in the country and that is a frightening thought.

Child predators may be devious but they are no match for a good monitoring app like Highster Mobile or Auto Forward. These apps let you read every text on your child’s phone, even if it is deleted, enabling you to uncover the disguises of these sinister people. Once their cover is blown, they will not be able to harm your kid anymore.

Justifying Your Text Message Monitoring

Children may feel that you are overstepping your bounds and invading their privacy if you monitor their phones without them knowing. Make sure that your child understands the importance of monitoring their phones before you implement it. Make sure they know that you will not compromise when it comes to their safety and they will accept, and even encourage, your monitoring.

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