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Spy On Your Child’s Text Messages: Should You Do It?

Spy On Your Child’s Text Messages: Should You Do It?

Is it every day that your teen spends most of their time on their phone and you keep thinking to yourself, “Can I spy on someone’s text messages on iPhone and Android?”. Do you notice that they spend less time speaking with others face-to-face and would rather talk with them through text messaging? Is that a problem that needs correcting, and why would I need to correct it?

It is this stage in your child’s life that texting is starting to take over every phase of their day. Of course, you see them all the time with their phones and wonder about what they are doing all that time texting. Then, you will probably ask yourself: Should spend time monitoring your teens’ text activities to find out what they are doing?

One of the best tools to help you track and observe your kids’ text messaging activities is parental monitoring software. It gives you the ability to access their phone’s text messaging app, among other things. However, do not forget that children, especially when they are in their teens, are more likely to seek freedom and a bit of independence from their parents. This is a prime reason why many teens don’t feel very appreciative of their parents’ efforts to monitor their phone behavior.

Should You Talk About Your Kids Regarding Monitoring?

The best and clearest answer is yes, you should have a talk with your children before you surprise them with the news that their phones are going to be monitored. As they say, begin as you mean to go on, and this applies to parenting and parental monitoring apps as well. You are going to be using parental monitoring software from that point forward, and you will have to tell your teen sometime. So, why wait for later when you can do it at the beginning anyway? 

Your kids will find out that you are monitoring them, and if they have to find out for themselves, they may feel that you did not trust them enough to tell them. This could foster feelings of resentment which, if left alone, could grow into something different and more destructive to your relationships. They may even feel that you are impinging on their privacy and don’t trust them.

Teens Need To Have A Heads Up

In terms of monitoring, it is very probable that if teens find out after the fact that their text messages are being monitored by their parents. With this, they will feel more prone to hiding things from everybody and sneaking around. And, of course, while monitoring apps can be a very effective way of observing someone’s behavior and trying to determine if teens are being misleading, there is no hiding the fact that teens will be very motivated to hide things from their parents. This is what propels them to be very creative, and when they are this way, there are no assurances that they won’t be able to find a way past your every precaution.

So the best thing to do is talk to your kids about your plan to monitor their phones. Make them understand that having parental monitoring software installed in their phones is a requirement of their owning that phone. You should also let them know that you will be tracking and observing the activities that they did on their phones, including their behavior while they are texting. For sure, they will not like it one bit, but they will look at it much more favorably if you had gone and told them about the monitoring in the first place. 

What To Do If You Don’t Have A Monitoring App

If you are going to keep your child away from all the mobile phone dangers, you will need to use everything at your disposal to make it happen. And that includes getting a hold of your kid’s phone and spot checking its contents. This might not be the best thing to do, since there are so many ways to hide things on a phone. 

Utilizing Parental Monitoring Software

Having a digital tool to cover all digital monitoring of your child’s phone can be a godsend, especially to a parent that isn’t very tech-savvy. Of course, the entire move is about keeping your teen safe and making sure that they are using their phone as a responsible young person. You don’t want to go too far, even though it is your prerogative, because you understand that in the midst of all this, your teen still needs some measure of privacy.

It is very probable that you have no idea who your child’s friends are, but knowing how to use parental monitoring can let you identify who they are and see what they are sending and receiving. You don’t have enough time to read them all, but when you are using parent monitoring, you don’t have to. You can even check on a conversation your teen has with somebody you don’t recognize.

One of the best ways that parental monitoring software can help parents is preventing sleep deprivation in teens. It is estimated that more than 80% of American teens do not get the recommended 8.5 hours of sleep a day due to texting even while in bed. If you have a monitoring app, you can see how much time your kid spends on texting. You can also limit the time your kid spends with the device by turning apps off at a specific time or trigger.

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