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Spy Phone: Does Social Networking Cause Teen Suicide?

For those parents who choose to use a spy phone to monitor their teen’s online activity, the reason for this kind of monitoring is more than just to know what their children are doing when they’re online. Especially today that social networking seems to have become an important part of a young person’s life, cell phone monitoring can help save a teen’s life.

Perhaps you have heard stories about the role of social media on teen suicide. More often than not, the issues are based on private moments, encounters, and words that spread online like wildfire. The prevalence of cyberbullying especially among young people is also something that must not be ignored. Although it’s easy to make the connection, not one conclusive evidence can show that teen suicide is caused by cyberbullying.

The Role of Social Media in Suicide Prevention

It’s just wrong to insist the direct connection of the concept of online harassment and suicide or self-murder. The more we make this kind of connection, the more likely it is for young people to believe that there is virtually no way to escape cyberbullying but to end their life. Before we all know it, every child in the world will believe that such a fatal decision is the right one to make.

It’s vital for parents to understand that their children, especially their teens, tend to define relationships and also connect emotionally with other people using their web platforms and digital devices. If you install Auto Forward on your teen’s smartphone to track phone location, you will realize how serious their conversations with their peers are. Through digital media, the youth acutely feel connection and also rejection.

Parents, teachers, and all other adults must be aware not only of the negative side of social media, but also its positive side. By doing so, they may put cyberbullying into context and even appreciate the benefits and opportunities offered by digital connections.

What Should Parents Do?

Instead of threatening their teens about the negative effects of social media, parents should simply educate their children. This means that parents need to find time to talk to their teens to explain to them how digital connections work. To do this, parents must first have a clear understanding of how social networking sites are used.

Remember that you want to be a credible source of information and advice to your teens. One way of learning how your child uses social media is to monitor his or her personal accounts using cell phone monitoring software to track phones. You may feel that spying on your child this way means you lack trust for your child, but the truth is, you’re doing this only to ensure your child’s safety.

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