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Spy Software: Keeping Tabs On Someone’s Cell Phone

Many consumers are relying on spy software to monitor a loved one’s cell phone. This software type is compatible with most Android and iOS devices, works worldwide, and is easy to install.

Using it not only keeps the user informed on the device’s activities but helps keep the target phone user safe from online dangers. With many online criminals like hackers, it’s important to make sure there aren’t any suspicious smartphone activities and device data is backed up. Whatever your reason may be for using spy software, constant smartphone activity notifications are guaranteed.

So, what can you monitor using spy software and who can you track? Let’s take an in-depth look!

What Activities You Can Monitor

spy software
Monitor all phone activities with spy software.


With reliable spy software like Auto Forward, you can track many activities on the target device.

Activities you can track include:

  • Texts: Outgoing and Incoming including phone numbers involved.
  • Photos and Videos Taken
  • Emails: Sent and Received including email address involved.
  • Social Media Activities (All Platforms): Friends, posts, shares, comments, messages, and more!
  • Call Log: Call time & date, phone numbers involved, and length of calls.
  • App History & Use
  • Web Browsing Activity
  • GPS Location of Phone

Wow, that’s a lot! On top of being able to track all of these phone activities, the software can backup the phone data and recover deleted content.

Who Can You Track With Spy Software

spy software
Make sure your employees are doing their work.


There are many people that you can track using spy software including parents, employers, children, and spouse. If you have elderly parents, this software is highly helpful in keeping track of their GPS location. The elderly tend to get lost and most cannot take care of themselves. By using the location feature, you can know where your parents are at all times.

For employers, they can use monitoring software to track their employees’ company phone activities. This is especially helpful in trying to see if their phone activities are affecting their efficiency and productivity.

Parents find spy software extremely useful in seeing who their children text and are in contact with on social media. With so many pretenders on social platforms, a parent can’t be too careful in protecting them online.

Lastly, married couples find it useful to use this software on each other’s devices. It can strengthen a relationship by keeping the spouse informed on what their partner is up to. With this, it helps avoid questioning on whether the spouse may be cheating.

This covers everything about what spy software can monitor and who you can use it on. So, would you spy on someone’s cell phone? Let us know!


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