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Spy Text Messages Like A Pro!

Have you at some point, imagined how to spy text messages like a pro? Have you ever been curious about someone’s mobile message details? Would you believe that you can definitely have an insight of those without even touching that someone’s mobile?

The possibility is just overwhelming as geniuses behind spy apps Auto Forward Spy and Highster Mobile made spying beyond achievable! Now, did I just make you enthusiastic about mobile spy applications? Well, you can either read through this article or visit Safeguarde’s site for more reviews on the two aforementioned.

Who Can Avail of Spy Apps?

Practically anyone who has a mobile phone with an internet connection, target to spy on, and budget at that can avail of spy apps. Perhaps you are a parent seeking child’s welfare over phone or online usage, spouse who has a dreadful gut-feeling against partner, or a company owner who gets tired of using camera surveillances just because it does not work as extensively as what you have expected and needs vivid employee performance monitoring; then spy apps is here for your taking.

How to Spy on Someone’s iPhone Remotely?

Everything else nowadays is almost reachable, all thanks to digital innovations! If you can use your iPhone to do Facetime with a distant relative or log in Instagram to get the latest photo stories of your pinup inspiration in just a click, then why else would you doubt how text spy apps remotely access mobile phone activities?

Almost everyone has been doing it, everyone except you knows about Highster Mobile which has a control panel that basically stores all reported data from child, spouse or employee’s phone! This is often times called a secure online account. No matter what device you are using—iPhone (all iOs), Android phone, tablet, iPad, or computer, Highster Mobile’s compatibility is overall plausible.

Given you have already made purchase, simply log in to your account using the username and password you received after buying. After which you can proceed to monitoring target like a PRO!

What Data Can You Get?

Every single data from that someone’s mobile, that is! Here is a list to keep you on track.


  • IMessages—for iPhone users
  • text messages (SMS / MMS)
  • call logs
  • photos and videos
  • browser history
  • emails
  • GPS location
  • Social networking sites— Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat
  • Installed and running apps

Plus you get to REMOTELY do the following:

  • Uninstall apps that are age inappropriate
  • Lock phone when needed, lost or stolen
  • Take picture of target’s surroundings via remote location
  • Block applications if necessary
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