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Spying on Someone Using Your Cell Phone– Is It Even Possible?

Spying on Someone Using Your Cell Phone– Is It Even Possible?

One study has shown that 98 percent of married men stray.  You are one lucky lady if you can seriously say that your man is part of the 2 percent.  

But let’s be honest, most married women have doubted that their husband is having an affair, at some point in their married lives.  Some telltale signs are: 

•    He turns his phone off or doesn’t answer your calls;
•    He says he has been working late but reeks of girl’s perfume;
•    He tells you he’s with a friend, but when you verified from that friend, the excuse doesn’t match up.

If a man would just like to go out and have a drink with his friends with no women involved, then he can be honest about it with his wife.  But, when there’s something suspicious going on, then that’s the time he makes up all sorts of lame excuses.

Well, thank God we have smart phones nowadays.  Have you heard of an app for spying on cell phone? And, do you know that you can actually spy on your spouse’s cell phone without him or her knowing it? 

Let me talk to you how it’s done.

There’s a spy software called Auto Forward Tracking and Spy.  And, I can say, with this baby, you can be your own Sherlock Holmes because it gives you whatever information that you need—as long as that information can be found on that person’s cell phone.

Auto Forward allows you to install the software on the target phone even if you don’t have that phone with you.  This technology is what they call an OTA or Over-The-Air installation.  With at $69.99 it is probably the best priced mobile spyware apps available on the market.  

With that price, you get software packed with incredible features.  Auto Forward’s best features are:

•    SMS Tracking – You will know everything, incoming and outgoing texts
•    Call Recording – Not only will you get to record calls, but you can even listen to live calls
•    Remote Mic Activation – You can turn on the mic of the target phone so you can listen to the surroundings
•    Lock Target Phone – You can just lock the target phone when you don’t want the phone to take calls or messages
•    Email Tracking – You can read incoming and outgoing emails
•    Twitter and Social Media Tracking – You can read posts submitted by the target phone
•    Website Logs – Review which sites your spouse has been visiting
•    Contacts – See which people your spouse is actually communicating with
•    Custom Alert – If the target phone has visited adult websites you will be immediately notified via SMS or email

So, there is no more need for you to just cry each night worrying where your husband is.  Take action because really, with OTA installation and camouflaged features, there is no way for you to get caught.

And, at the price of $69.99, you can get the answers you have long been waiting for.  Get Auto Forward Tracking and Spy now so you can sleep well at night.

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