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Spying or Monitoring a Phone? A case for Auto- Forward

If you are looking for a good and efficient phone spying and monitoring app then your search would have been over a long time ago if you had started with Auto Forward Spy. Auto Forward spy is a monitoring and spying app that enables one to easily and remotely monitor the activities of a phone in question. It is designed to remotely access the data of a target phone and displaying the information on the mobile phone, tablet or computer of the one monitoring, and in real time.

If the market has so many phone spy apps, why should I go for Auto Forward Spy?

Auto Forward is not an app for those who just want the second best because it is the best there is based on functionality, power and efficiency.

It is as easy as a-b-c to install Auto Forward app. You can spend some time searching online to spy on cell phone free download. Once the app is downloaded, one follows the prompts and in a few minutes you will be good to go. What is more, you don’t need to be with the target phone as Auto Forward works remotely. Also, you can get the information from the target phone anywhere-in the palm of your hands through your phone.

Once installed, Auto Forward does not require or attract any subscription fees or monthly charges. Even so, they still have a customer support department should there be need for clarification or help.

There are many features that make the Auto Forward experience quite efficient and superior. Many spy Apps access the target phones regular texts and messages. Auto Forward is powerful enough to access even i-messages which are usually more ‘private’ as they are not easily accessed. Also, it works with all versions of the android operating system. As many electronic devices are on android, it means Auto Forward has a big and vast area of operation. It can access many phone brands available in many countries.

Auto Forward app accesses the social media platforms and can monitor the exchange of texts, photos and videos very easily. Even if the texts or photos and videos were deleted, Auto-Forward retrieves them.

One can easily monitor the call logs, browsing history and email logs of the target phone. This can easily help deal with any unbecoming or suspicious behavior from employees or children or whoever it is that’s being monitored.

Should you see it fit to control the sites the target phone accesses, Auto Forward spy  enables one to remotely uninstall or disable a suspicious app. Also, it can be blocked from ever being installed again and an alert set should the target phone try to re-install the unwanted app.

It happens that sometimes a phone with valuable information can be lost. Auto Forward helps track it using the GPS locator which updates the monitor of the lost device position via Google Maps in 5 minute intervals. Better still, one can remotely lock the phone or erase the data and uninstall programs using Auto Forward.

Auto Forward also enables one to monitor the calls a target phone is making and who he or she associates with by availing the contacts and call log records. All this activities are done discreetly without the knowledge of the target phone.

There is so much to be said about Auto Forward that is best experienced. This is an app designed for those used to the best things in work and efficiency. It is powerful enough to be of great use to a caring and responsible person.


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