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Step-By-Step Guide To Becoming A Mobile Spy


Many people fantasize about becoming a spy like James Bond. For most, this fantasy is unrealistic. However, it is possible to become a mobile spy by using the best iPhone spy app. You can discreetly phone and text message spy without the phone owner knowing! Do you want to become a mobile spy? Follow our step-by-step guide below.


How To Become A Mobile Spy


Step 1: Ask Yourself These Questions

Before you become a mobile spy, it’s important to answer the questions below. Answering these will help define your purpose for spying and what type of spy you’ll be.

  • Who do you want to spy on?
  • Why do you want to spy on them?
  • Are you looking for anything specific?
  • What type of phone do they have?  
  • Do you have access to their phone?


Step 2: Choose Your Path

What type of mobile spy will you be? There are two types: High-Tech and Old Fashioned.

High-tech mobile spies use the best iPhone spy app to track a person’s phone. Using this app enables you to spy incognito, without needing the physical device. This is especially great since you don’t want to get caught! Using this advanced technology will make the spying process easier. 

Old fashioned mobile spies don’t rely on technology to do the work for them. They rely on their stealthy spy skills to obtain a person’s phone and gather the information they need.

So, what path will you choose?


Step 3: Start Spying

Now, that you have chosen your path and defined your purpose, start spying! Use your spy gadgets and/or skills to uncover the information you seek. This information could include texts, emails, photos, videos, and private communications. If you’re secretly spying on a spouse, you may catch them cheating!


Step 4: Take Action

After spying and finding what you were looking for, take action. Confront the phone owner whether it’s your child, employee, or partner. However, remember to be prepared and have the information in-hand.


It’s easy and simple to become a mobile spy, especially with the help of technology. By following this guide, you’ll get the information and evidence you need from a smartphone.

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