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Summer Fridays
Summer Fridays motivate employees during the laziest time of the year.

Summer Fridays & More: How to Motivate Your Employees.

We are less than a week away from the official start date of Summer. That means beach days, barbecues, overzealous office AC, and employees daydreaming about fun in the sun, instead of doing work. A study conducted by Integrity Data shows that employee productivity drops as much as 20% during the hot summer months. Bosses take heed: easy and inexpensive tactics like flexible hours, Summer Fridays, and an occasional ice cream can help to keep your employees motivated, productive, and happy.

Here are some other tactics that can keep your workers satisfied and productive year round.

Summer Fridays
Summer Fridays can keep your employees motivated.

Happy & Productive: The Perfect Solution

Some leaders might feel that giving employees this much freedom could backfire. Keep your workers happy and accountable by installing tablet and cell phone monitoring apps on their company-owned devices. With monitoring software, your team knows that you are still paying attention to what they doing, even if they’re not in the office. Many companies have implemented an employee monitoring system and have seen great results because of it.

Want to earn some extra brownie points? Share this infographic with your boss. It’s a win/win situation for everyone!

Learn more about employee monitoring software and how it can increase productivity and overall job satisfaction.



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