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SurePoint Spy: Not Your Average Cell Spy

A vast majority of cell spy software can indeed do the spy work you want done. SurePoint Spy has all the features of a basic spy app. But why would you choose SurePoint among others? Here’s why…

What is Does

Let me ask you… Why do you need a spy app? You would probably say you want to monitor your children’s activities, or maybe you want to track down your partner’s whereabouts, or maybe you may want to watch over your employees’ at work? Whatever you reason may be, SurePoint Spy will help you get what you need.

It is the spy to mobile devices of today’s generation, compatible with all Android and Apple devices. And with over 24 powerful monitoring features, it will surely be an effective spy. This is what SurePoint enables you to do:

  • Access all SMS and iMessages complete with all associated details
  • Track locations and pinpoints it on a map
  • Monitor social media activity
  • Access all contact information
  • Make use of remote camera that can take picture from the target phone’s camera
  • Monitor call logs
  • Access browser history
  • View videos and photos saved on the device
  • Read emails

With all these features, you can really do your own private investigation even if you’re at home. SurePoint Spy has even more services offered aside from the ones mentioned. You can visit their site for more information on this.

How it is Used

How to GPS a phone? SurePoint Spy does that easily. It will only take less than 5 minutes to install on a target phone. iPhones, however, must be jailbroken first before the app can be used.

In order to start your monitoring activity you must first purchase and download the app on the target phone. Once that is done, you’ll get a license key. You just have to enter the license key next and then start monitoring. Getting the data you need can be done remotely and discreetly. That is quite impressive.

Who it Helps

From worried mothers to jealous girlfriends, SurePoint Spy is a big help.

Parents wanting to protect their kids from suspicious persons, from too much cell phone activity and from dangerous locations can resort to spy apps.

Spouses can also confirm any doubts about their partners with the use of spyware.

Company bosses will be able to track their employees’ work even when they’re not in the office.

There are many others uses for these monitoring tools. You just have to keep yourself in check and not abuse these modern software so you won’t get into trouble.


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