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Essential Back To School Gadgets Every Child Needs

monitoring software

A new school year is just around the corner! With that being said, it’s time to go school shopping! It’s essential that your child has the gadgets and tech to succeed. However, parents need to make sure their children are using these gadgets properly at school. A way they can accomplish this is by using monitoring software to track their …

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AI System Technology: Should People Be Worried?

spy on someone's cell phone

AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology is on the rise, but is it a threat? Should people be worried? Honestly, people need to be aware of what is going on with AI and should be somewhat worried. Now, we are not in a Terminator or War Games kind of situation. However, it wouldn’t be surprising if AI could be used to spy …

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Would You Spy On Someone’s Cell Phone?

Would You Spy On Someone’s Cell Phone

A topic that people have different thoughts and opinions on is spying on cell phones. Whether it is the government or just everyday people, monitoring someone’s cell phone has become the new norm. The question of if it’s ethical or not is completely up to an individual’s own opinion. So, ask yourself, Would You Spy On Someone’s Cell Phone? If …

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What’s Hot About Two of the Best Spy Apps, Auto Forward and DDI Utilities

What’s Hot About Two of the Best Spy Apps, Auto Forward and DDI Utilities.jpg

Cell phone spy software, like Auto Forward and DDI Utilities, are definitely hot right now. These are two of the most popular and trusted software when it comes to cell phone monitoring and data recovery. The trend of these spyware on the market is ever increasing. And people are speculating over these apps’ legitimacy. Let’s take a look at the …

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Monitoring Made Easy!

spy text messages

The internet is available everywhere and is utilized in many ways by children. Although it can be of extreme convenience, it can also cause havoc. The ease of access makes it really hard for parents to invigilate their children’s activities. After all, one cannot monitor every single activity all the time! What’s the answer? If you’re in the market for …

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