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Avoid a Data Breach

cell phone monitoring software can prevent a company data breach

A Business News Daily article listed six ways for a small business to avoid a data breach. It is the responsibility of every employer to ensure that their data is safe from unauthorized eyes. Cell phones are integral to any business and therefore, the solution is not to withdraw them from your network or your employees. The most responsible thing …

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Abuse Isn’t Gender-Specific

A recent Yahoo! News report claims that the U.S. is issuing harsher penalties to female sexual abusers, particularly teachers. The repot claims that what’s usually viewed as a joke is no longer one to law enforcement:  “A ‘Saturday Night Live’ skit about a male student having sex with his female high school teacher painted the relationship as every teen boy’s …

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Reduce Small Business Worry

What’s your hobby? What do you love to do when you’re not working, carrying out family commitments, not running to an appointment? What’s your “me” time all about? If you’re one of the millions of people using a smartphone, your downtime probably includes a mobile app that enhances your favorite hobby. If you run, there’s an app to track your …

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Keep Employee Loyalty

Your job is a gateway to one type of freedom: it provides a living wage which equals food on the table, a roof over your head and clothes on our back. Tuition for your kids. For those lucky enough to love, or even like, their job, employment provides a sense of purpose and a place to go every day. The …

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