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Turbo Spy & Monitoring App Review

turbo phone review

THE GOOD – Spy on the phone without having it. OTA (over-the-air) link for remote download and access. Retrieves Android and iPhone data! Easily view the information and spy on a cell phone without having it. Also, it can monitor the latest trending apps and social media platforms.  THE BAD – Isn’t able to monitor computers and cannot monitor TikTok …

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Auto Forward Cell Phone Spy Review

Auto Forward spy app overview

  Cell phone monitoring software is a great tool that can be used for digital parenting, employee monitoring, or keeping track of one’s digital life in general. Spy apps are typically designed to be user-friendly so the download and installation process, and the monitoring itself, is easy to do. The hardship would lie in selecting the best spy and monitoring …

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You May Be Micro-Cheating On Your Partner and Not Even Realize It!


  Cheating on your partner is never a good thing, even if it’s “micro”. No matter how small the cheating is, it has a great impact on a relationship. It can lead to emotional disconnect, a lack of trust, and a decrease of physical attraction. So, what is micro-cheating and what are some examples of it? We explain below.   …

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Do You Know Your Child’s Teacher? These 3 Stories Will Shock You!

background check

If you are a parent, you are concerned with your child’s educational success. All you want is for your kid to get a good education from a knowledgeable, trustworthy teacher. However, do you really know your child’s teacher? Does the school conduct a background check and criminal history search on all their teachers? This is an important question to ask …

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AI System Technology: Should People Be Worried?

spy on someone's cell phone

AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology is on the rise, but is it a threat? Should people be worried? Honestly, people need to be aware of what is going on with AI and should be somewhat worried. Now, we are not in a Terminator or War Games kind of situation. However, it wouldn’t be surprising if AI could be used to spy …

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Why Easy Spy is the Right Choice

Easy Spy is a powerful cell phone monitoring software that allows you to monitor another person’s mobile phone of which you have authorized use of. You would need access to the target phone to download and install the cell phone software, but only for three to five minutes. The monitoring itself takes place remotely, and without the owner of the …

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Which generation of workers wastes the most time being distracted at work?

Highster Mobile cell phone spy

The answer is: all employees get distracted, but there’s a clear difference between who and what they’re being distracted by. Employees spend a large chunk of their life (about a third of their lifetime) at work, but often find refuge in non-work related tasks. Being that now an entire world of the internet is just a click away, wasting time …

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