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“Security” Of Your Data

keep company data safety with cell phone software

For most businesses, safety is a relative term. Keeping their employees safe in their work environment, keeping their factory floors free of hazards and resistant to accidents, and keeping a Material Safety Data Sheet on any kind of hazardous materials onsite are about as far as most businesses will ever have to go. But for businesses engaged in the work …

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(Not) Keeping Up With The Joneses

auto forward cell phone spy

Parenting is a challenge, every day of the week. We all think we need to be perfect or close to perfect parents all the time. But once you get on the playground and start chatting with other moms and dads, you realize that you’re not alone in your fear and half of the parents are faking it. No matter how …

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Legality Issues Surrounding the Use of Cell Phones Spy Software


For those who are particular about preserving their privacy and keeping all their personal or business data secure, the growing popularity of cell phones spy software must be very alarming. This is not surprising at all, though, considering how powerful such software programs are in terms of getting mobile phone data that is not supposed to be shared to anyone. …

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