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How To Use The IMEI Number To Locate Your Cell Phone

Determination of location via IMEI number

Phone devices have become a huge part of our day-to-day lives. These small but feature-packed electronics have become more than just mere accessories, but extensions of people’s lives. In fact, cell phones have become a necessity for most people, regardless of their profession. Some users even conduct confidential and important transactions through their phones – from online shopping to school …

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Track Phone and Save Lives

Track Phone and Save Lives.jpg

People today track phone in order to protect their loved ones and even save their lives. This has been proven a number of times. Check your local news network. Many cases have been reported where a family member got to save his loved one from dangerous people and situations by using a cell phone monitoring software. How a Phone Tracking …

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The Mobile Spy for Your Surveillance Activities

The Mobile Spy for Your Surveillance Activities.jpg

Have your surveillance works become easier with mobile spy applications. Its an application that helps simple to complex monitoring activities easier done that you want to conduct. From checking your children’s safety when you are not together, to monitoring employees’ work activities and productivity. The app is also useful for spouses who want to check a partner’s whereabouts and mobile …

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The Mobile Phone Apps Most People Use

Most Used Mobile Phone Apps.jpg

A lot of people are using their mobile phones primarily to communicate with other people. Which is why there is much concern when mobile spy software has been made widely available. This is because the device most people can’t live without  is now being used to monitor their day to day cell phone activities. How to track a phone? You …

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Why You Need a Mobile Spy App if You Have Elderlies


Mobile spy apps are considered as the new generation of surveillance cameras on mobile phones. They allow anyone to check or monitor their loved ones especially their current status and phone activities. Lately, these apps have been making a worldwide trend because of their efficiency and effectiveness when it comes to tracking someone without having to be with them personally …

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Just When We Thought School Was Safe…

cell phone monitoring could help prevent things like the spain school attacj

We now live in a world where we must protect our children no matter where they are. Don’t you think it’s kind of ridiculous that we have to take extra measures to protect our children even while they’re at school? But yesterday in Spain at approximately 9:30 am, a 13-year-old boy attempted to re-enact the April 20th,1999 Columbine Massacre at a local …

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