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Benefits of Mobile Phone Tracking Services for Businesses

mobile phone tracking

With the increasing competition in the industry, businesses are looking for ways to enhance productivity, customer service, and boost overall sales/conversions. Among these ways is learning how do I spy on a cell phone of my employee to keep an eye on your employees (best suited for service and transport related businesses that need to monitor their drivers’ location at all times). Mobile …

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cell phone spy can prevent risky teen behavior

Planking is more than an exercise, purple drank is not just a sugary liquid, and i-dosing is not a new app from the Apple store. These are three dangerous teenage trends that most parents have never heard of in its teenage context. According to a report by GreatSchools.org, “High school alcohol and drug use is on the decline, but older kids …

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cell phone monitoring can prevent vamping.

Vamping is a teenage trend that many parents have no idea about – and why? Because it’s happening while the parents are sleeping. According to Teen Vogue, “more and more teens are sneaking their computers and phones into bed and reserving the early hours of the morning for socializing rather than sleeping…the middle of the night is the one time …

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Heroin’s Big Comeback

Heroin…it’s making a big comeback. And just like the bad times of the early 1970s, the newspapers are full of stories about overdoses, tragic deaths, and ineffectual governmental handwringing about what to do to combat this silent killer. Theweek.com reported that “it’s become a dirt-cheap alternative to the prescription opiates abused by millions of Americans. With a dose of heroin …

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