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Tech Twists on Your Fitness and Wellness Journey


Health, fitness, and wellness – vital aspects that deserve the top spots on our priority lists. Unfortunately for some, these have become “optional”, setting all these aside to give way to “more important” or “more urgent” matters. From financial incapacity to physical disabilities to hectic schedules to lacking motivation – there could, indeed, be a long list of possible reasons why one can’t sustain a healthy and balanced lifestyle or even commit to consistent workouts at home.

All these – and definitely a lot more – are the reasons why experts and professionals continue to find creative and effective ways to help humanity. So what if you can achieve a healthier lifestyle through technology?

Virtual Reality Tech: What It Is and What You Need

Virtual Reality (VR) Technology is capable of creating a realistic virtual environment through computer-generated scenes and objects. Through VR tech, users get to immerse into the said virtual surroundings, significantly enhancing overall experiences. 

VR is now used in various industries, including health and fitness. Using VR technology, manufacturers and trainers can create equipment and routines that would more likely appeal to the users’ preferences and cater to their needs. Hence, making fitness and wellness more feasible, more efficient, and more enjoyable. 

Aside from fun workouts, VR is now also used to identify the root causes of a person’s poor health and strategically address those. Smart fitness wearables, for instance, can track heart rates, blood oxygen levels, and other biometrics data. In the same way, these can detect and correct improper posture, incorrect muscle use, or inappropriate workout application.

And the best thing about VR tech is that it’s constantly enhanced to make it more accessible and affordable for general consumers. After all, the goal is to make simulated experiences and virtual environments parts of the new normal.

VR tech-based devices or programs are designed differently. So while the core technology is the same, the requirements and even limitations of use vary. In most cases, here’s what you need to boost your fitness journey with virtual reality.

  • Internet Access. Most equipment and platforms that make use of VR tech are programmed to run online. A stable WiFi connection or 5G speeds would be necessary.
  • VR Headset. Special headsets are designed to block external factors from the physical world such as lights and sounds, directing the wearer’s attention to the virtual world.
  • Smart Glasses. These are more advanced versions of VR headsets to offer more convenience and comfort. Similarly, these aim to redirect focus and attention.
  • Equipment and Compatible Devices. Most VR fitness devices come with actual traditional gym equipment like treadmills, stationary bikes, or dumbbells.
  • Controllers. Other tech-advanced VR devices simply come with handy controllers, and all other gym equipment and accessories are virtually created and incorporated.
  • Fitness Applications. There are also mobile apps that you need to download to run the virtual space for your workout sessions or to activate your AI fitness trainer.

Tech Fitness and Wellness: How It Is Applicable to Health and Fitness and How It Is Beneficial

In this modern age, VR – together with other technologies and smart devices – plays a significant role in fitness. On top of fun fat-burning activities and effective tech-advanced equipment, VR is capable of providing a whole new perspective. It enhances real-world circumstances and scenarios, using creativity and ingenuity to inspire and motivate people. 

And while we still have a long way to go, VR tech already offers and delivers promising modern solutions. 

  • Accessibility: Tech makes gym equipment and workout accessories more accessible.

With VR tech, you won’t have to invest in several expensive gym equipment and workout accessories. VR-boosted devices and platforms are feature-packed all-in-one equipment that you can access at any time, anywhere.

  • Convenience: Tech makes activities, exercises, and routines more feasible.

Now you can find time to work out or train despite your hectic schedules. You can achieve your dream beach body even in the comfort of your own home. Plus, these innovations usually come with comprehensive manuals and intuitive dashboards. 

  • Efficiency: Tech makes working out simpler and easier. 

VR applications come with detailed step-by-step plans and easy-to-understand routines. You won’t have to break the bank just to hire personal trainers. These tech-advanced devices have not just automated essential processes but also streamlined and simplified your overall journey.

  • Efficacy: Tech makes training and fitness sessions more effective.

Unlike regular gym equipment, these VR tools are programmed with smart algorithms – usually with artificial intelligence, computing power, and machine learning technologies. Hence, through facts and statistics, you’d know which path is best for you and what routines suit you best.

  • Experience: Tech makes the overall fitness and wellness journey more fun.

You would, of course, still feel the pain of burning fats and calories, as well as sculpting muscles. However, you surely won’t mind if your training and workout sessions are set in the form of thrilling games or exciting activities.

  • Motivation: Tech makes workouts more immersive and engaging, giving users things to look forward to.

Overall, the goal of such technologies is to keep people motivated. Almost all people who claim that exercising bores them now do it effortlessly just because it has been made more fun and exciting but various smart tech advancements.

Virtual Fitness: 5 Most Exciting Fitness Tech Innovations

  • Black Box VR


Are you looking for a fun way to lose all those unnecessary fats and gain lean muscle mass? Are you tired of going to the gym but can’t afford to set up your home equipment? 

Black Box VR showcases gamified workout battles with advanced AI progression. This allows you to enhance your skills and compete in arenas, and as you level up your avatar you get to boost your real-life fitness level.

  • Blue Goji Infinity Treadmill


Does your regular treadmill start to bore you? Do you love running outdoors but your hectic schedule just won’t generously allow you to do so?

Blue Goji Infinity Treadmill is a fully transformed gym equipment designed to revolutionize physical and cognitive rehab. This smart treadmill features VR games, 2D games, and infinity workouts. And its sleek and inviting look is more than just aesthetics as it can also keep track of all relevant and valuable analytics.

  • FitXR 


Are those stationary yoga poses no longer excite or motivate you to work out? Are you looking for fun yet effective ways to spice up your training sessions?

FitXR is an innovative technology that allows you to box, dance, and do High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) all at the same time. In a creatively colorful and visually pleasing virtual environment, you can choose to join on-demand classes, work out with friends, or dance your way through the fun game levels. 

  • ICAROS VR Home Fitness


Do you want home gym equipment that feels like pulled out from a sci-fi movie but is equally (or more) effective than the regular equipment? Do you want an all-in-one device for all your fitness goals?

ICAROS VR Home Fitness offers a variety of devices that feature a smart combination of gaming, fitness, and virtual reality. With a wide range of highly effective entertaining exercises, the ICAROS app is optimized to help build smart muscles, improve balance, and boost endurance. 

  • Supernatural


Are you having a hard time starting to work on your fitness goals just because the processes seem so complex that it overwhelms you? Do you feel like your repetitive workout routines are no longer effective?

Supernatural lets you have all the fun as you break barriers and beat hindrances. Its Box, Flow, Meditate, and Recover features are each programmed with complete wellness routines. It also offers a great escape by bringing you to exhilarating locations and environments.

Conclusion: What to Expect from Future Virtual Reality Innovations

Several factors hold us back from becoming the best versions of ourselves. This is especially true when it comes to being healthy and fit. Such hindrances and challenges are what various tech advancements try to address and eradicate. Virtual reality tech, for example, creates interactive environments and immersive experiences with the hopes of making fitness and wellness goals more feasible.

Aside from the aforementioned leading brands and products, other tech-advanced tools can greatly help with your fitness journey – from smartwatches to smart clothes to smart trackers. And with how rapid these advancements and innovations are, it’s safe to assume that more efficient and more effective versions of these devices and programs will be launched in the next few months. 

Experts are working on making VR tools such as headsets and glasses more compact and handy. They are also proactively addressing all possible risks and potential threats. And it may take a few years more, but we can expect to experience in this lifetime the next-generation suites, gloves, gadgets, and various accessories that can aid us with our journey to better health and wellness.


Commitment Is The Key

But it’s okay to let technology make it a more fun and efficient journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are some examples of fun cardio workouts I can do without special equipment?

Aside from running and jogging, most sports are excellent cardio exercises – from boxing to basketball to cycling to swimming.

  • How to make workouts fun?

You can use VR-infused apps and tools to boost your workout routines. Training and exercising with friends and loved ones also add up to a satisfactory experience. 

  • What are some US tech solutions fitness and wellness already available in the market?

Black Box VR, Blue Goji Infinity Treadmill, FitXR, ICAROS VR Home Fitness, and  Supernatural are VR tech solutions already available in US markets.

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