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Teens And The Dangerous Duct Tape Challenge

There are many dangerous teenage challenges that kids try for fun. The Kylie Jenner challenge prompted tween and teen girls to make their lips look bigger. Result? Dangerous lip enhancements. The cinnamon challenge had kids swallow a spoonful of cinnamon without water. Result? Mass coughing and choking. The planking challenge had teens planking (laying flat across) in hazardous areas like escalators.

Now there’s a new one called The Duct Tape Challenge. This challenge has kids duct taping themselves to chairs, while someone else films this trapped person trying to escape. Teens tend to do stupid things, and this new challenge is scaring parents and guardians because of the dangerous results that it can have.

According to Today.com

“A Washington mom is warning parents after a dangerous game known as the duct tape challenge left her teenage son seriously injured.

Skylar Fish, 14, is recovering at Seattle Children’s Hospital after the Jan. 16 accident, in which his friends wrapped him in duct tape, participating in a viral sensation in which people try to wrestle themselves free, often posting videos of the feats on social media. Fish, whose arms and legs were bound while standing, fell and crashed onto concrete, causing bleeding in his brain and crushing his cheekbones and left eye socket.”

So for Skylar, what started as a fun prank became a hospital visit with severe injuries.

How can a parent protect their child from posting themselves doing stupid things like social media challenges? A parent can monitor a teenager’s cell phone.

When you spy on cell phones with Auto Forward, you can prevent destructive behavior by monitoring your teen’s social media activity, photos, videos, emails, call logs, GPS location, and much more.

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How It Works

For example, Mom purchases the cell phone spy product from the product website. She’s given a unique license key which gives her access to all activity on a target phone. Mom then downloads the software on to her daughter’s phone. After installation, Mom logs in with a user and password (just like logging in to any other website) and can suddenly view all the contents of her daughter’s phone.

Is her daughter planking? Enhancing her lips? Inhaling cinnamon? Tying herself to a chair with duct tape? Even if she’s involved in only one of these challenges, Mom can now intervene and put a stop to it with a cell phone spy app like Auto Forward.

Why It’s Important To Monitor

Most people of an older generation would react this way: Why would anyone put themselves in danger for doing something completely stupid like duct taping yourself to a chair? And then POST it for the world to see?

Although the technology is different, some issues with teens haven’t changed. Teens are still notorious for not realizing boundaries. Parents of older generations often say, “Thank god I didn’t grow up during the time of social media!” In this dangerous time of sharing and oversharing our lives, teens continually look for approval from their peers, only these days, that approval is posted online for everyone to see.

Fights, breakups, dates, good times, bad times…they’re all public domain for everyone to see. And many teens don’t realize that there are consequences for their public behavior. It used to be that certain disputes were kept private except for the occasional fight in the playground. Not anymore.

A cell phone monitoring software like Auto Forward helps any parent be a better parent in this digital age by monitoring and helping kids that might be involved in teen challenges on social media.

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