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Avoid Becoming the Victim of a Text Hacker App

With a touch of a button, you could be making your phone vulnerable to hackers looking for cyber victims. So, how can you avoid your device getting hacked? Here are 5 ways to avoid becoming the victim of a text hacker app.

Don’t Use Public Wi-Fi

This is one rule you MUST follow when out and about in public. Even though using public wi-fi may seem tempting, especially if you are trying to save phone data, don’t connect to it! You would be exposing your smartphone to all kinds of dangers. Hackers can easily access cell phone users data over public wi-fi such as your contacts, passwords, and credit card information.

If you are going to risk using public wi-fi, make sure you stay safe and keep in mind the risks. Stick with connecting to reputable business wi-fi connections like Starbucks, and don’t connect to any wi-fi networks with abnormal names.


Use Strong Passwords

text hacker app
Do not create easy to guess passwords.


When creating an account password, make them as strong and impenetrable as you can. If hackers gain access to important account information, they could steal your credit card numbers, social security number, or even your identity!

While creating your strong password, follow these tips:

  • The password should be 12 characters long and up.
  • A mixture of lowercase and uppercase letters, numbers, symbols, and punctuation.
  • Have no relation to anything in your life. Pet, Where You Live, Year Born… you get the gist.
  • Don’t repeat account passwords. Every password should be unique.


Download a Monitoring Software

Another way to avoid getting hacked by a text hacker app is by using a monitoring software app program such as DDI Utilities! With this app, you can keep track of ALL your smartphone activities from text messages to apps used. So, if anything suspicious is happening on your phone, you would be notified. An added bonus of this app is that you can backup your cell phone data so it doesn’t get lost!


Be Skeptical of Sweepstakes

Always be skeptical when you receive a sweepstakes popup or email on your phone. It’s highly important to conduct some research before replying or clicking on a sweepstakes link. The goals of online sweepstakes scams are to steal your information and money. It is very easy to fall for this scam, especially if the hacker is impersonating a reputable sweepstakes company.


Don’t Friend Anyone You Don’t Know

text hacker app
If you don’t know them, don’t friend them!


Social media accounts can easily get hacked through post links and your online friends. One way to prevent this is by only friending people that you know. If you’re taking too long to think if you know a person, you clearly don’t know them! Also, make sure to follow verified pages and businesses. That way, you won’t need to question if the links on your feed are legit or not.

By taking these precautions, you will avoid getting your phone hacked by a text hacker app. Do you ever get texts from unknown phone numbers? You can see who they belong to by doing a reverse phone lookup. 

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