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The Brighter Side of Technology

Think of all you use your cell phone for today that you’d never believe was possible ten years ago. You can apply for jobs from your phone. You can crowd fund you’re favorite project. You can find your new favorite restaurant when you’re traveling. You can find a fantastic dentist around the corner with a click of a button and a quick browse search. Of course you can shop and stream your favorite movie too. And of course you can share your favorite photos, videos and memes while updating your Facebook status.

The way the internet influences your life and determines your daily activities these days is beyond measure. It even extends towards humanitarian efforts, as reported by The New York Times. “The smartphone giveaway program, though small, typifies the way Bay Area tech companies have started to respond to the glaring homelessness problem right outside their luxurious company campuses: not by donating clothes or serving food, but by using technology.” This story relates the plight of Holly Leonard who used her Nexus 5 smartphone and Craigslist to find herself an apartment. Most people who experience stressful times and want to improve their lives realize that life can’t move forward without technology.

Another example of how technology plays a crucial role in humanitarian efforts are instances such as communication during a natural disaster. According to Smart Global Health, technology is the first point touch point to saving lives. “In emergencies, communication can mean the difference between life and death. Responses to large-scale humanitarian crises like political conflicts and natural disasters are no exception… Take, for example the 2010 earthquake that devastated Haiti. Survivors sent pleas for help via text message, and concerned citizens around the world plugged in to help out. Volunteer-based and other technology groups used cloud-, crowd-, and SMS-based technologies to gather, translate, geolocate, and publish information about urgent humanitarian needs. Nearly all of this happened outside of the traditional humanitarian system.” It’s a new world now, one where technology is a major player.

With all the good that cell phones and technology can do on a large scale, how can that translate into business success on a much smaller scale? You might not be saving lives from a deadly mudslide, but your business needs to thrive in its own little world. Mobile tracking like Autoforward can help any small business improve productivity and efficiency by not only tracking an employee when he or she is off site, but by backing up important company data that an employer can view if that employee called in sick or is on vacation. The user dashboard gives the user access to robust reporting, such as text message tracking, call logs, internet browser history, GPS location, stealth camera and much more.

Life has improved significantly with the advent of technology and mobile phone communication. You can even save a life. With Autoforward, your business life can be saved by critical intervention, too: no more lost files or wasted employee time. And no more excuses about either!

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