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The Deadly Game Teenagers Are Playing


Many kids are warned about the dangers of drugs and alcohol as they grow up. But these days, parents have a lot more to worry about now that children/teenagers have cell phones. Parents are now more focused on educating their children about bullying, sexting, and now they are discussing the dangerous “games” that kids are playing. Teenagers will usually keep these games a secret from their parents and the community will not become aware of the situation until someone is rushed to the hospital or dies from their actions. The term “it’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt” has never been more real than it is now.

This new popular game is being called the “choking game.” It is a very deadly game that involves teens cutting off their oxygen supply to their brain through asphyxiation which results in a momentary high when the brain cells die. Alfred Sacchetti, a spokesperson for the American College of Emergency Physicians, stated on web.md, “The real danger with this is actually getting it right the first time. Now your impression is, ‘I’m smarter than those people who killed themselves. They aren’t as good at it as me.’ You think, ‘I can push it farther; I can set my noose tighter or longer. I bet I can get even higher.’ “While the “choking game” has been around a long time, it has definitely become more popular because of recent social media posts, including online videos depicting how to play.

There have been stories of teens playing this game all over the country and many of them have posted videos online and sent videos to their friends on their phones. Sadly, dozens of children have died from the choking game and the parents had no clue what the game was until after their child died. For any parent, it is a scary thought that their child could be taking part in such a terrifying game. So what can you do to stop this from happening?

The best options are to talk to your children and to install a spy program onto their cell phone. With a mobile phone spy application, you will be able to monitor your teenagers phone activity. This program will give you the ability to see their text messages and web browser searches. You can search your child’s phone to see if they have been looking up “choking game” videos or if they are being peer pressured by others to do something dangerous. The other benefit of monitoring their phone activity is that you may be able to save another child’s life if they are taking part in games and texting your child about it.

We did our research  about how to spy on a cell phone for free online and the spyware program that has all of these features listed above is called Auto Forward. The program has a large number of positive reviews, most of which are from parents like Michelle D who said, “I have looked around for a monitoring device for my children’s cell phones and I haven’t found anything I liked until now. Auto Forward is above and beyond better than those other companies! And their customer service ladies were so sweet when I had a million questions!” (sitejabber.com) Don’t wait until it’s too late. Install a spy program onto your child’s phone to make sure they stay out of harm’s way.

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