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The Do’s and Don’ts of Cell Phone Monitoring Software for Employees

When monitoring your employees, it may start to feel wrong or weird that you’re literally watching them throughout their work day. Yet you know you need to do it because you want to protect yourself and your business. You also want to make sure you’re as successful as possible.

On the other side of the coin, if you think your employer is monitoring you, it could easily offend you and make you question your loyalty to that business. The truth is, monitoring your employees is a sticky situation. Nobody likes to feel like they’re being watched or feel creepy for watching.

This article will share key tips for employees who believe they’re being watched, and for employers who are considering a cell phone monitoring software do monitor their employees.

Obviously, nobody likes being watched, but these tips can help you when you think your employer is watching you, and even if you have confirmation that they definitely are.

Employees: according to a glassdoor.com article, here are some tips on what to do when your boss is spying on you:

  1. Employer tactics varyAs long as the employer owns it, they have full rein to monitor whatever they want on that machine. Whether it’s a company issued phone, computer, tablet or anything that it is company issued so they can monitor every text, call, email, social media and anything else done on that device. Be aware of what you’re doing.
  1. Employees aren’t void of rightsYou need to also be aware that the employer needs to have permission to spy before the conduct such activities. Most employers will probably just stick it into the contract though in some fancy lawyer mumbo jumbo so make sure you always read everything and know your rights.
  1. How to protect yourselfChances are you’re probably checking a personal email or two while at the office. Everyone does it. If you think you’re being spied on the best advice is to STOP.
“Recognize that you are in a fish bowl. The boss has every justification for looking at what’s on his property.” – glassdoor.com

Employers: if you think you have an employee that checks their personal email too much or is constantly on Facebook or other social media, here are three key ways that you can monitor your employees without making them feel uncomfortable or distrusted from inc.com.

  1. Transparency is keyDon’t be that boss that hides it in the 37thpage of their contract so no one knows. Be upfront and let them know that they are being monitored and completely and clearly outline what’s being monitored and how. You may find that telling them is a deterrent and you never have issues with any of your employees.
  2. Keep it anonymousMonitoring can be used as a tool to improve productivity. By not singling out a specific employee you’ll be able to focus on general trends in the office and which ones work best for your company.
  3. Do what feels right. Trust your gut. You shouldn’t overuse the software to keep a hawk eye watch on your employees. Your employees will sense they’re being watched and some people don’t work as well under pressure. In the end, you know your employees and how to get the best out of them.

Having to discipline employees is never fun for employers and obviously it’s not fun for the employee. Unfortunately, in this day and age, modern technology has created the need for employee monitoring in the first place. Things like streaming video, social media and chat messages reduce employee productivity if they’re unauthorized and used on company time.

Employers will get the best out of their employees when they have some freedoms, but the employees shouldn’t take advantage of this freedom. Respect on both sides is key. And employee monitoring is necessary. If you’ve made your decision to monitor Highster Mobile is one of the best and most cost-effective cell phone monitoring software that’s available on the market.


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