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The Online Dating Game System is Evolving: Learn How to Play Your Cards Right

You’ve finally moved on after mourning your failed marriage for years, how do you plan to start hunting for “the one” again? You’re finally ready to open up and find new connections, how do you plan on diving into the world of dating? You’ve been in a very long-term relationship and – just for the sake of it – you want to feel “excited”, how do you plan to have a casual hookup?

Well, anyone from this modern era would most likely answer “online dating”. Virtual dating has become not just a trend but more like the new normal – now with over 320 million users worldwide. After all, it’s accessible, convenient, and effective. But if you’re one of those who still complain “why is online dating so hard??”, here are some tricks to ease up your journey.


Hassle-Free Online Dating

Apps: 7 Hacks

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It’s been more than two decades since the first dating sites were introduced in the online market. Fast-forward to the present time, almost all daters or singles prefer swiping right/left than hanging out in bars or parks to push their luck in finding a perfect match. 

After all, why not? Online dating sites make dating more fast-paced and less expensive. Of course, online dating has its fair share of disadvantages and risks. And so to boost your chances of success, here are some dating tips and hacks to level up your game.


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Rest In-Between

Apparently, most dating apps tend to become less efficient the longer you stay and keep scrolling. If you keep on seeing meh profiles and you keep on swiping left, it’s your hint for a break. 

Trick their system by going on a hiatus for around 3 days. And maybe use that time to go on a vacay or date IRL or meditate – whatever dating alternative you have in mind. By being inactive for a few days, their algorithms would think they might be losing you so they would again be recommending high-quality profiles to lure you back in.

Set Up a Complete, Charming Profile

Yes, a detailed profile can go a long way in boosting your profile and standing out from the crowd. But you can’t earn heart reacts just by merely answering those default multiple-choice questions. 

The goal is to stop them from mindless swiping and make them want to check you out. So, the more charming your profile is, the better. Add witty captions and upload attractive photos.

Get That Profile Check Mark

Almost all online dating websites offer profile verification as part of their enhanced security protocols. Actually, if your app doesn’t have this feature, terminate your account immediately. While getting a perfect date or meeting a potential partner is the goal, you should never compromise your privacy and safety.

Pass such screening processes and earn your platform’s verified mark or badge. This significantly increases your chances of getting profile visits.

Gear Up for Multiple Matches

There’s no beginner’s luck in online dating – or okay let’s not be too pessimist and give it a 1% chance. But the thing is, dating platforms have millions of profiles on their databases, meaning that’s one in millions of chances for you. 

Prepare for the worst. Equip yourself with enough emotional courage and physical energy as more likely than not, you’ll be having bad dates before finding the one you’re looking for.

Choose Mysterious Profiles; Swipe Left Selfie Addicts

Users whose profile pictures are generic avatars or partially shaded/covered faces or back-view selfies usually just want to tease your curiosity and imagination. In most cases, however, these are the good-looking guys and gals who merely want to meet someone who’s attracted to them and not just to their pretty faces.

And if you come across profiles overloaded with selfies, they’re probably bad news – just some desperate narcissists or clout chasers. 

Target At Least 48-Hour Time Limit

As soon as you hit it off, take advantage of the hype and chat with them non-stop – from good morning to good night. Talk about anything and everything. A couple of days should be enough to get to know each other and have a clear overview of who you’re hanging out with.

If they’re really interested, they would want to see you as soon as possible. It’s not necessarily 48 hours, of course, it’s important to date at your own pace. But remember, if you keep getting excuses or sob stories, you’re just wasting your time.

Dating Online: To Don’t Do List

And as you try to outsmart the algorithms and the competitors, be sure to remember and practice the unspoken rules and etiquette of online dating. Here are the things you shouldn’t be doing.

  • Don’t Seek Mr./Ms. Perfect
    Sure, first impressions matter. But not because someone has missed out on an apostrophe or has misused a fancy word means they’re not worthy of your time. No one’s perfect, so stop seeking for one before you miss out on your chances.

  • Don’t Go Down the “Hey, how are you?” Path
    The traditional ways of breaking the ice are no longer the most effective ways how to start online dating conversations. The classic hi/hello, ‘sup, or ASL usually ends up in seen or like zone. Instead, look for something interesting from their profile and use it to start convos. 

  • Don’t Proactively Stalk Your Matches
    As tempting as it may be, don’t stalk before you even talk. Note that anyone you meet online has a life before they met you. So anything you see on any of their social profiles has nothing to do with you directly and doesn’t necessarily reflect who they really are as a person. 

  • Don’t Just Settle
    Online dating isn’t a one-step process. Yes, it won’t be straightforward, but it does work. And no matter how hard it could get, don’t choose to settle for less just because you think you’re wasting too much time and that you’re getting too desperate.

But First, Choose Your App

As excited as you may be, don’t ever skip the first – and most important – step of online dating, choosing the right platform for you. And by right, we don’t merely mean the fanciest or best aesthetics, we mean the right app that can best cater to your needs and preferences. 

To help you out, here are some of the best online dating sites based on more specific metrics. Taking into consideration the features, tools, and services they offer, as well as the safety and security programs in place, these are the most efficient and reliable ones in their respective niche.


Online dating sites make it easier for you to find someone who shares your interests and matches your energy. But at the end of the day, dating apps are mere programs and algorithms. The outcome would basically depend on your choices and actions. Hence your actions must align with your standards and principles – this is regardless if you’re dating online or in real life.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes online dating different from traditional dating?

In traditional dating, people get to know one another first before committing into any form of a relationship. And attraction usually relies on what the eyes first see. While with online dating, singles usually swipe right or left depending on what they see on the profile. This means that they decide whether they like the person or not before they even actually meet them on a more personal level.


How do dating apps generate matches?

Matchmaking mechanisms usually vary depending on various factors. Most sites use location-based or geographical matching. But more sophisticated apps like Zoosk and eharmony use science-based algorithms and the matches they generate are based on the members’ personalities and behaviors.

Do online relationships last?

There’s no definite timeline when it comes to online dating. But apparently, some preliminary studies show that relationships created from online dating last for only around 3 years. But that again, it all boils down to the couple’s will and commitment.